Trash Bags

Oooo Heidi is bringing out the whips and chains and ain't takin' no more bullshit. I loooove how she is giving the designers leaky bowels over how tough the challenges are going to get.

Alison gets thrown out like a bag of trash. Really wish she had stuck with her original colorful papers-think that would have gone over a whole lot better than having her look called a fat minnie mouse.

Micheal wins again. Is ok i spose.

I really loved this dress Laura made-compared to everyone elses this was sooo tailored and perfect-just shows how talented she is at structuring.
Did they outlaw alcohol along with fashion guides at the Atlas cuz Laura seriously needs a martini or twelve. The snarky little comments she throws at the others is really uncalled for. That being said the attack on Vincent was totally justified and deep down i believe motivated by her having to now share an apartment with one less buffer between her and Angela and the grief of Alison not being around to braid hair and do each others nails at 2 in the morning.

Oskar was rooting for Jeffrey to win this one. The fake belt was pretty great though-it really fit this outfit. I probably would have agreed if the entire thing was yellow and didnt have the blue added to the skirt just reminded my of a circus tent. Plus jeffrey is still a total asshole.

Vincent needs to be cut ala Keith style just for the way he says "Gets me off" hello??? GROSS!

Kayne Kayne Kayne wtf
There is NO WAY NINA let him crawl out of the hole he dug himself into when he immediately started making excuses about the materials he seleceted and how he threw it together at the last minute. I blame the procuders for editing. I really felt Kayne should have been out with this look.

Sad that this is a HUGE improvement over anything Robert has created lately

Angela -what i love is that you just KNOW she would come up with the exact same outfit given the most expensive materials to choice from. (anybody else getting Barbie and the Rockers flashbacks from this???)

I really like what Uli did with her materials. I think she was shafted by the judges for not recognizing her innovation here.

My Final rant on this episode:
I dont know what has gotten fucked with the editing but the shows are not nearly as well produced as they were last season. They have totally fucked Tim's inspiring "Make it Work" into a joke and the interactions between the designers is just shown as absolutely catty and stale.


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