Me in a nutshell

I realize that while most of my readers are my good friends, I thought for the off chance that anyone new was joining us today--
Here is some stuff about me. To begin with my addictions:
for morning, for day (currently on my feet) and for evening.
While at my dull computer job days, I spend a lot of time (like an embarrasing wasting my potential amount of time) here and here. I also IM my friend all day with shit like this. I really enjoy pictures of kittens and puppies, cute purses and ugly children.
lately i have been eating a lot of salad consisting of spinach leaves, nectarine, pear, walnuts and blue cheese and today i even had raspberries in the mix.
Because i have no impulse control, I recently bought a Cd/Radio player for my office and the only CD i brought in to listen to is this-which is really the only CD in my collection worth listening to.
I like getting this for free and paying for this.
Truly delightful discovery made today.
I cannot stand this or this or how accurate this is. And I do not understand the popularity of this.
I think that is enough links for now. I am tuckered out from all that. I am still in a grand debate about the exact expense/sluttiness ratio of a pirate costume to purchase. Just dont want to be running around at the last minute and end up with this.


All for my Baby

My sister has had some more car troubles. The curse of the Saturn caused a quest to Fremont to get the magic crystals needed to complete the spell of mobility. Since there is no real cure for turning a hunk of crap that is a green saturn into a beautiful, red, matinence-free (well dash-light ignorable) toyota camry, I thought some of these pics of alternative modes of transpotation would be appreciated by my little sis. Due to the increase in gas prices and the continual pain in the ass traffic, repair and filth of our vehicles, we are both looking into aquiring pegasuses. There just is no downside to riding in style on your personal pegasus.


Broken Promises

I'm sorry Oskar. I never meant to make you cry but today I am not writing you a song. Le sigh. I totally let down my friend Jennifer for promising an Oskar song to commemorate her new nickname in the style of the Oscar Meyer jingle and it just isn't happening. Finding a decent replacement for bologna just isn't as easy as one would hope when "My best friend has a first name it's O-S-K-A-R" trips out the brain so very easily. Maybe tomorrow I will be more lyrically inclined. I am actualizing a theory for work that if I can enjoy my suroundings here more I won't want to stab my eye out with the broken pair of scissors I inherited with the office. I am trying to rid my space of the beige standard crap accessories I was left with. It has been a bit of a success. There was a bit of a snag this morning trying to determine if the nice wooden in box trays I bought were slanted or if it was my desk. Surprise surprise it was the $10 trays from the container store. So they will be making a hasty return trip. However I had a stroke of genius at Marshalls the other day and bought a red hurricane glass to be my new pencil holder. tres chic and it compliments my new strawberry cover notebook that I bought for absolutely no reason other than shallow atheistic whims. (wait actually that is the driving force behind most of my decisions). Actually am beginning to wonder if perhaps I am a little too comfortable here. Not only am I still taking 10-15 minutes each morning when I first arrive to apply my make-up, I now eat a bowl of puffins cereal that I bring from home and I also brush my teeth here in the morning because I just can't seem to stop drinking coffee long enough to do it at home. Pathetic or a brilliant use of downtime at the office??? This weekend was pretty fun and activity filled. Friday Ryan and I went and finally saw the instant classic Transporter 2. He is still gorgeous, still rockin the bald head and the accent (a lethal 1-2 punch in my lust book) but the storyline oh god the storyline. I wonder if it is hard to go to the set each morning knowing that you are partaking in a massive terd film?? To continue the evening of mediocrity, we dined at Applebee's. I am just going to end there. I soloed my way to Sunnyvale to meet up with Jennifer, janessa, Jerry, Carol and NIck. If you are wondering about where all the good hip-hop has gone. . . Well to Scruffy Murphy's. Just enough music, dancing, eye candy (there was a petite Prince wanna-be flashing his belly button around -if only camera phones had a decent flash!) drinks (cover of $3 gets you a free kamikaze) and conversation. For some crazy reason I was not dead on my ass at 1 am so I went with Jennifer and Jerry to Denny's. I over indulged in a glass of water and stole a caeser fry from Jerry (ok maybe I wasn't soo awake , instead of seasoned I heard jerry order caeser fries). Saturday I slept until 12 and then went on a walkabout to the local home stores to price shop for a CD/Radio. I would be headed back to Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase the winner but have to drive to Fremont (don't ask, still too painful to talk about). Sunday I was about to head off to Ikea when carol finally responded to my text about Bill of Fare. There is no greasy spoon breakfast spot like the red barn Bill of Fare conveniently located next the picturesque Rotten Robbie gas station. It is all about the fast service, instant coffee refills and done to order browned eggs for me. Later Ryan (poor tired hung-over Ryan) picked me up for the pre-season Sharks vs Ducks hockey game. The nachos were awesome. ohh and the sharks won 6-5 wooot. Hope that is enough for ya'll for now. KISSES!


$3 Special

eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. I <3 my greasy cafeteria. Nothing makes it worth wild to get up and go to work each day like the prospect of getting a hot styrofoam container of greasy food to smother in kethcup and then chow down at my computer while i gossip online all morning with my friends. Like memories of a sweet sweet love, the smell will linger in my office for the rest of the day since my trash can only gets emptied every other day.
In really great news, Congratulations to Robin on her new job!!!! Good things come when you use the black pleather folder to cart around resumes to interviews. It has such good luck mojo at this point.
I got my hair done by Janessa yesterday. She told me that her salon is going to be renamed M.E.O.W. How cute is that?!?!? So if you duck-tail is hurtin your action with the ladies or your cowlicks are in need of some attention, Dude totally Give her a call to fix you up RIGHT!
Even though it isn't even October, Halloween excitement is here. It is all Jennifer's fault since she has started inviting people to her place for a costume ball. I all ready have a bad ass idea of what i want to be this year. Think boots, eye patch, parrot and swashbuckling attitude! That's right i plan on being a fearsome and notorious pirate this year. So excited about the prospect of saying Arrrrgh! and wielding a sword all night long. Not to mention a prime oppertunity to pillage for treasure this will make.


It only took a week. . . .

but my fortune cookie finally came true! I just had to be super lazy and put off washing my car long enough even though the filth and dirt layered on it were disgusting me. I held out until the gods smiled down on me and rained today thus taking care of the mess all by itself. I love getting what i want and not having to do anything in order to get it. That is the best kind of fortune. Now if only i could make this work for all the Kenneth Cole shoes i want to rain down on me from the skies too.


He's a Senior and He's Beautiful. . .

Who do you love ladies? Blane, Steph or Jake? Oh the bounty of Sherman, Illinois. Makes you want to put on a esprit logo sweatshirt, a pair of pink leggings, a banana clip in the hair, tease the bangs out with some aqua net and pink pink pink lipstick.

Purple Nightmare

Oh god ohhh christ. I sooo messed up this search bar thing. Don't use it! Stay away. Avoid the temptation of the pretty black bar. Still under construction. The search page is a mess of purple hues. I had no idea what i was doing, what it ment when i picked certain things. I had noo clue where it was going. Just pretend it isn't there for now. I will try and make it not soo horrendous to look at by the end of the week. I swears! I was just soo tired from the numerous times it took to paste the ad code in the right area to get it to look someway decent. Please for the love of God, well for the love of me getting an ipod nano, click on them.
I would give a weekend summary right about now but it was kinda boring. who wants to hear about the hot dusty time at the Santa Clara Crap and Wine festival?? or the fun of moving around furniture to put the cleaned carpet back down in the tv room? or that Janelle and I are the most awesome Pictionary winners of all time? Or that i had original flavor Puffins cereal this morning? Yeah you see not much happened this weekend.


I don't MEAN to be Shallow

but sometimes i just am. I have yet to donate, petition or buy a keychain in support of any cause. But today i put in my email to get the studio to release Parker Lewis on DVD. I know i know-straight to hell for me. For all those wanting to support the cause.


I hope you don't think i gave up on my work day total yesterday. I realize that the last entry was 3:00. i was going to stick it out til the end. Wanted to give everyone a full and complete report but I do not control the universe and there was nothing i could do when the network went down at 4. So a footnote to yesterday's entry: after the network crashed i ate a kiwi, chatted with coworkers about new shows (apparently prison break is good and i should try and catch it), went through my bills that i had brought to work with me and then i left 15 mins early.
Minus the kiwi-today is going along the exact same track as yesterday. I checked my bank account and laughed and laughed and laughed. Should i be concerned that i find being poor hilarious or is this a denial of reality and responsibilty on my part???
The picture of the puppy is for Carol since she has the reading level of a pre-schooler and needs illustrations to pay attention to anything.
Oh and according to my fortune cookie from the Sun cafeteria "A surprise treat awaits you". I cannot wait to find out what it will be! ohh the anticipation. if i dont totally forgot i'll let you know the success of this fortune. (please be a new car --is that expecting too much from a plastic wrapped cookie???)


Running Total

Since i have the new job and all, people have been asking me what i do. So today i decided to keep a running summary of my activites while at work. The day started a little on the unusual with both of my early morning co-workers not anywhere to be found. Didnt find out until forty-five minutes later that they had both called in sick. Not that this affected my work load in any way. So far i have had 5 emails come into my work in box-none of which i have had to respnd to in any way. i have made one trip to the bathroom, drank one mug of coffee, heated my breakfast burrito and eaten it,checked my personal emails, hit up all the news links on yahoo, msn and google, looked at this site sent to me from jennifer and written carol and kt a dozen emails. oh wait and through out it all i have been hard at work on this. In the remaining 6.5 hours of work, i hope to accomplish the following: see if i can post my blog on craigslist for free, install adsense (unlikely but gotta aim high for success right?) and eat my kiwi i brought from home.
Update: i have now made lunch plans with my mom. Super happy since we are going to Mondo burrito. best nachos in the world.
Update: 11:54 search a word now complete. I have also been rendered partly deaf from speaker phone conversation with tech support guy. He was calling about fixing access to a site that i all ready had access to. well worth my auditory suffering.
Pre-lunch update: i actually had to do some work-cannot believe they interrupted my conversation with jennifer for this shit. i had to make 2 trips to the printer. and send out emails to new contract people. i am seriously overtaxed at the moment and may need a nap to recover. Oh and i got some tea and stared down the short men who were in the break room ogling me.
It is now time for the 3:00 news. Nachos are sitting pretty in my tummy. I couldnt glow in their glory for too long seeing as i actually had emails stacked up, waiting for me to group contracts almost took me a whole hour. the nerve of them -totally interfering in my LIFE. now i can really dedicate myself to planning john hughes night at Kat's on Friday


Is there a Doctor in the House?

A one of the great perks of permanent employment-HMO care!! Armed with my directory of Primary health care providers (fancy name for fancy health care), I leaped onto yahoo to find a doctor somewhere between work and home for convenience sake. Imagine my joy when one of the participating places was right next to my favorite mall. Convenience and consumerism that is the prescription for Laura happiness. Not to be satisfied with a name out of a book, I started googling doctor names. For their credentials? No! For their background? No! For their field of expertise? Hell no!! For their picture goddammit. I don't want some scary old person. Really do I need another reason to go years without a physical? I think I got the wrong book- every one I have hunted down has caused nausea, sweating, clammy hands and a piercing pain in my temples. So far my search for someone who speaks english, has a degree from somewhere within the US and appropriately non-frightening photo is hopelessly fruitless. So here is to my health because I cannot survive having to be sick right now.


Let Down by Safeway

Crappy bitches. I am soo pissed. Safeway has fallen to the wayside of the formerly great sandwich palaces like Quizno's. We all thought it couldn't happen. Not to our all time dependable safeway deli sandwich spot but it has lost it's beautiful aethestics of yore. My turkey sandwhich is now a measly 6 inches long and on a whole wheat roll that looks like the produce boys have been using it as a seat cushion. And to further the unappeal, they now wrap their sandwiches in a layer of plastic and then paper backed foil. Let me point out how this makes it impossible to cut said protective layers in two so one can eat each half without spilling tomoto and pickles all over. And don't even get me started on the ridiculous wait for a god damn sandwich especially when at the Rivermark location they have an entire counter and 3 (three) people dedicated to just this one task. Mother fucking worthless pieces of shit. I can only hope that this virus of disappointment is limited to Rivermark but i fear the spread of mediocre sandwiches will soon hit all Safeways.
But in some good news. Step one of Operation Adsense was a success (ie my humble blog has been accepted). So now it is a matter of entering code, IRS forms (scary) and keeping those fingers crossed for $50 worth of clicks in order for me to get my first check. i know that with the assistance of all my faithful readers out there this will happen in no time!


The Young and The Broke

So exciting news for my small blog world. We are considering a handsome offer by Adsense to start posting lame ads on this site so i can get some pocket change to pay for my morning coffee.I realized today that i spend $1.75 (in quarters as often as possible) and that is starting to add up . . . Actually i just filled out a application and am waiting in ernest anticipation of acceptance. So if all my three readers clicked on each ad on my blog every day.. . it will only take a year for me to make any money. No i have no idea how many it takes to make a dime but I will soon see how low my price for selling out is.


Moving Up in the Spiritual World

I don't know what is causing this but i am having issues with making entries and then having them blank out on me before i can save the changes. But because i love writing about myself sooo much i have added a couple of steps involving copy and paste of word docs in order to bring you my personal news. I have started entertaining the thought of getting a laptop mainly so i can have wireless internet and play bejeweled 2 to my heart's content. But the plus side would be the potential for me to blog update at the drop of a hat. unrealistic but just knowing i have the option makes me happy about the prospect of spending a bunch of money on a comp. Speaking of shopping, Katie and I had a great time trying on trendy and pricey tops at Macys the other day. She is now caught in the eternal dilemma of which is cuter blue or purple??? it was actually a rather Katie filled weekend for me since everyone else had the poor manners of leaving town for the weekend. Saturday I played bocce ball with Matt, a visiting Vanessa and Katie. Nice to find a sport that encorages little effort and wine drinking. Sunday was my first foray into yoga. Other than a delicious popping and stretching of my back, I do not think i have the spiritual awareness to keep ooohming without wanting to giggle. Patheticly immature but i never claimed to be otherwise. My favorite part was the next five hours that i spent lazing around the house because i had “exercised” that day! I think i would be more into it if it was closer, cheaper and had better looking young mens in the class. Well that is pretty much my formula for anything that i would enjoy. Doesn't that show a degree of enlightenment -to know and enjoy such simple demands of the world?


Lift with the Knees

Gossip, Tea break, Donut break, chat with co-workers in office, bathroom, walk around Sun campus, do some work for about an hour, mall, shopping shopping, lunch, chat, walk around building to find filing cabinet, thank god i know my months because i had to sort stacks and stacks of old papers, grunt work grunt work grunt work-carry files down stairs, repeat, repeat, sit and drink tea, bathroom, check email, write blog update. And i still have an hour to kill before i can go home for the day. This job is going to kill me with stress i can tell all ready. Not that i even exist as an employee of the company yet-still not even on time card yet. i better be getting paid for all my hard work scratch that i better be getting paid for all my hours here-work has very little to do with it.