The Smell of Trying to Hard

Last night was a new and hopefully unrepeated experience for me. Jennifer took us out to chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot. Between the mob-reject bouncer that was the host to the unavoidable wet murky smell that lurked as atmosphere to the plastic handled, dirty fondue prongs and not to mention the misguided attempts at sophistication (impossible when a main feature of the dessert is crusted marshmellows and powder sugar CLASSY!) This establishemnt was completely on par with the view I had of another diner's silicon enhanced, fake tannified, forever 21 sluttified cleavage (Gah-ROSS). I was less than impressed. Don't go! Don't ever ever go.
In happier News, I have been on an eyeline kick lately. after years of sticking with matte black I have made a departure from the tried and true this summer. Purple, bronze and now metallic dark green. So unecassary and yet essential for my peace and happiness right now. i thought i was supposed to get more mature and sedate with make-up as i get older but i just cannot supress the inner slut that is my true nature. I may be 26 now but i have the impulse magpie i want i want reaction when i see the pretty Revlon displays at Longs-damn them damn them right to Hades!!!!
For all those utterly disgusted by the farce that is TomKat, i have the ultimate piece of evidence that proves they are a completely make-believe couple. http://entertainment.msn.com/movies/gallery.aspx?photo=516421&gallery=8560#photos who does that!?! who??? I rest my case.


Stars & Unicorns

Holy Cupcakes Batman! It is Laura's Birthday. That's right Robin-time to celebrate. Well actually hold that thought until Thursday night when it is all 80's SF style. To make up for the lack of drunken debauchery today, I treated myself to a gynormous coffee and chocolate muffin. Time for the weekend recap. Friday was such a little trip of nostalgia. Hanging out at the beach condo with KT, eating a bunch, drinking a bunch and watching a bunch of Sex in the City. Total chill fun. Saturday night was a bit spicier. Carol and i met up with some of her work friends for a lil engagment celebration complete with cheezy jazz and an ebay convention at Gordan Biersch (congrats to Arturo and Jenny). Always fun to see people in love-smug bastards. and then we bopped over the Janessa's drunken gathering at the Brit-I love how she never swears until she is sloshed-once, twice three times a lady!I got to see my Bunion Baby unfortunately she was in such a disenchanted mood. Even alcohol couldn't revive her! Weee Snaw. What could be said of Sunday. Went to mexican with my mom which turned into seafood instead since the universe was working against us that day. I love shopping for my own bday presents now-satisfaction guaranteed! Carol got us some rad glasses at the kiosk- i think mine are gucci inspired. I wouldn't want to get anything real to clash with my fake Prada. Time for a beauty product side note. I got the latest curling, anti-frizz spray available at Longs. Some green Charles Worthington gunk. It seems to have done what it is supposed to do but I am confused by the need for it to smell like my brother's deodorant (totally speed stick or right guard odor to it). I need less Charles in my Charles Worthington product thank you very much. The link for the day: http://youcantmakeitup.blogspot.com/2005/06/cruise-uncontrollable.html


Don't Stop Believing

It is going to be such a freakin good friday-I saw a red CRX while i was rocking out to Journey on the way to work. What better signs of fortune could a girl get??? I am totally psyched-am going to the beach condo with Katie. Much drunken, over indulgent fun to be had. So I have managed to make myself into the most ignorant and unresponsible position possible without actually being fired temp. Instead of having to deal with all the magazine and flyer deadlines (which are today) i have been given the demanding and important task of . . . culling out spam email from my boss's 3,000+ inbox. yesssssssssssssssssss. try not to be jealous because i get to look at viagra ads online all day. IMPORTANT NOTICE- for my anticipated Birthday celebration I am thinking the Kat Club this upcoming Thurs so start planning for a horrible hung-over friday at work. But in the mean time i have a lil present for all of you http://facepalm.blogspot.com/ Enjoy. Oh speaking of presents and since i am broke until payday---JANESSA WINN HAPPY BIRTHDAY ---



I am sooo shame-faced right now. I cannot believe that i haven't even been able to finish a simple beaded shirt. At least I know myself well enough to have predicted this none-the-less; this still made me feel a little bit of a craft slacker http://www.fujichia.com/stuffed/ . But we do have something in common, both of us love and respect the film ella enchanted. My personal favorite is "criminal mischief" and not just because it is the only one i could refer to here and have everyone be able to see which one it is.
P.S. it has come to my atttention that not all loyal followers of Not Enough Purple are enjoying the presentation to date sooo look out for some font experimentation and please comment. I am trying to take steps forward here not back.

Love at first Sight

It is early, It is quiet, it is the perfect time to read about the adventures of a queer asian with a penchant for designer bags and lip gloss and the fiercest pose i have ever seen. http://bryanboy.typepad.com/ Such a freakin eye-drawing, self-indulgent, egotistical train-wreck; I think i have a new crush.
I must put a warning here though once you start with this blog You CANNOT stop. It is the crack of a bored temp.
Oh and a bit of celebrity news: Heath Ledger has Knocked-Up Michelle Williams (the whiny blonde from Dawson's Creek). I am trying not to be upset but i am just not that mature yet or over my celebrity lust for this Aussie. Sigh.


Ain't Nuttin' To It

So right now i am being paid a princely sum to sit on my ass and update my blog. Oh the demands of being an office temp. A whole new world has opened to me. For example: making coffee with dehydrated creamer and artificial sweetner. Gross and Sweet just what i want first thing in the morning. What do people have against half and half?? i also got to read a magazine instead of just flipping through it, streatched it out to almost two hours. The highlights-white stuff to wear, wooden stuff to accessorize and we should all go to mexico or the greek islands for vacation. There now there is no need to get the new issue of Instyle. I did mark a pair of earrings from Guess so cute and a great use of Post-It flags. OOoooh that is what i need to do see what office supplies I wanna steal. Temp Bandit-o Strikes!


Not Meeting Expectations

So Yeah Ummm this whole pic thing is still a lil out of my grasp but hopefully my good pal Reg will give me a tutorial soon (wink wink ;) nudge nudge). Until then lets go throught the past weekend in case you were out of my orbit these past few days. Friday Friday i had to go out to Silver Creek twice to hang out in a lobby crawling with ants and talk to real estate people. Since they agreed to finance my trip to Vegas I will not say too many awful things about the whole temp experience. So far training is just flying over my head. Nothing like being a college grad with no clue. Saturday was a trek out to Palo Alto for some alcohol and meet up with Anya-so cool to see old co-worker again. Kinda funny how consistent Rudy's is in providing amusing males to chat with and ultimately leave behind since none of them have any actual appeal ten foot from the bar. Soooo what did you do for Father's Day? Yea me too. Never the same as mother's day -wonder why that is maybe dads are just used to disappointment at this point. One whole week until my B-day, time to get delibrate with the dropping of gift hints. (****Clothes, Purses, Earrings, Make-up, Adoration, wine, and a parade in my honor****) Sorry i am such a vain creature and need the gratification of cool stuff. Oh wait all you guys are the same way -why am I apologizing?


New Frontier

I know it isnt much but it is my first image posting. Thanks REG!! You are a star! I promise this is only the beginning for sweet pics of the honeys. stay tuned.

I should have my own cooking show. . .

So i don't know if it was the tortellini i made for dinner the other night or what but i have been nasty ill for the past couple of days. Gives me an excuse to nap with the cat all day but is starting to get old. Carol has come up with an awesome way to celebrate the Fourth-a scenic drive to the Grand Canyon (what the hell for I dunno) and then to Vegas. Any takers???? We can fit at least three more peeps in the Saturn of wonder. To follow up on my glee of going to see Mr and Mrs Smith - i really liked it. Reg didn't but no one cares what she thinks ;) Right now i am trying to figure out which is worse A) signing onto a temp agency and never hearing from them ever or B) signing on with a temp agency and getting called all the time about jobs which then are given to other people. Since i am sooo in a world of B right now, that is definitely more miserable.


What are you going to do today, Laura?

Whatever the heck I want, Gosh! Is it wrong to be so ridiculously excited about a Brad Pitt movie that if i had a shirt with his face on it I would so wear to the theater tonight?!?! (and only a little bit would be to embarrass Regina by being seen with me, what a plus that would be!) So project beaded shirt is still under way -i am having a hard time knowing when to say when on this one. But i know it will be cute so maybe i will be rocking it by the end of the week. Lofty Lofty goals is all i got right now. Speaking of things that would embarrass my friends, I am having a little buyers remorse today. Do I really need metallic bronze eyeliner? What am i saying -of course I do. What else goes with my purple mascara? No actually I went a lil crazy and bought a bunch of tanks at Gap and wore on yesterday -it was all right but the other two are about to make a return trip. Sigh. Hate being wrong about this stuff (and by stuff i mean my wicked fashion style that leaves everyone gasping and drooling as I walk by) or could that be my high dosage of perfume??? ohhh speaking of perfume I spritzed the new Kenneth Cole the other day with KT and Carol. 3 out of 3 Santa Clara Ladies enjoyed it. Can't ask for higher endorsement than that really. Peace Out Napoleon.


Friday is for Lovers and Beads

Yippee i have found a purpose for today. In between salary negotiations with my temp agency, i will embark upon a new road of crafts. Time to crack out the cheap tanks from target and beads from the flea market, I am about to get creative on my summer fashion. let's hope i can keep up the momentum to finish it before summer is actually over. Oh and to fill up just a little more space i would like to include a review of the made for TV excellance that is the LIfetime movie Nola. A breathtaking work of integrity and epic themes of a trailor trash teenager that leaves her coked out mother to go to New York to find her birth father. What follows is an hour and a half of massively well planned coincidences wherein our heroin Nola falls in love with the short order cook who goes to night school for law and puts her up in his apartment which is payed for by the brothel madam who later hires her as a secretary and causes her to befriend the transexual hooker who pisses off a multimillionaire trick who wants payback and takes it out on Nola and her mother, not to mention getting the madam in trouble with the law for running a prostitiution ring, who then looks to the madam's exboyfriend, a journalist, to publize the cruelty of the millionaire and who turns out to (gasp) be Nola's FATHER!! Oh wait did i leave out the part were the cook/law student defends the brothel owner in court on charges of prosititution and wins the case in ten minutes with his witty and intelligent arguement???? I wouldn't want to give away the ending so you should really try to catch this movie on Lifetime.


Hey Na Hey Na

She went away and I hung around
And was bummed out, every night
And when I had no one to hang out with
I was left up to my own devise

My sister's back and we're gonna cause trouble (Hey-la-day-la my sister's back)
You see she's comin' better cut out on the double (Hey-la-day-la my sister's back)
She went to Berlin and Barcelona too (Hey-la-day-la my sister's back)
So long Spain, it is time to say adieu

Hey-la-day-la my sister's back
Hey. she went to the beach and was fryin'
And she turned bright red and was cryin'

She's been gone for such a long time
Now she's back and things'll be fine
She went to see her very best friend
Cause Robin's kinda fun and she's never wrong

Hey she had a good time drinkin'!
but to stay on vacation would be wishful thinkin'!

I can't wait to see her with my very own eyes (Wah-ooo, wah-ooo)
I hope she bought me an awesome surpise (Wah-ooo, can't wait and see)

My sister's back she's my favorite relation (Hey-la-day-la my sister's back)
She and Jen went on such a long vacation (Hey-la, hey-la, my sister's back)

Yeah, my sister's back
Look out now, yeah, my sister's back
I should check SFO to see when she's landin' (La-day-la, my sister's back)
Next to the Saturn is where I will be standin' (La-day-la, my sister's back)


The celebration continues

Confetti and balloons it is Katie's birthday today. It is great to have a friend who considers shoe shopping an appropriate way to celebrate and an excuse to buy twice as much as normal. I was all for it since I had to do some to redeem myself after Saturday night. A beer with the West Valley crew quickly turns into 8. Why is it that when you drink with college buddies you must play all the old favorite drinking games? Oh wait I know because Cliff needed an alcoholic spanking. But that is the only way to prep for business school right? Speaking of supreme intelligence I would just like to record the two awesome drivers of the weekend. The first vehicle of note is the heap of rust that was producing the frightening mass of white smoke all down Lawrence on Friday and secondly to the Palo Alto Cabbie who, after dropping me and Reg at the Cal Trans station, proceeded to flip around and cruise down Alma. Too bad he didn't flip over to the other side of the street to go in the right direction. Wonder how long before he figured that one out???


Kicking Smashbox's *ss

Friday night I learned where all the teenage angst has gone. If you don't know metal-core well then you were me two days ago. Paying to stand in the YMCA for youths with flailing limbs, I got a full frontal intro to this screaming genre of music. Requiem ROCKS! (shameless band plug for Jerry-big thumbs up!) The show was only exclusively by the ultra swank, uber exclusive, star-filled KIA lounge (No MGD unless you are VIP). While I may not be back anytime soon to that town without inhibitions (Marina stand up and represent!), I will hold you in my heart and the ringing in my ears for a lifetime.


WunderKin Pops

I finished a book the other day by Lisa Scottoline called Courting Trouble -it kinda sucked but this gives me the perfect oppertunity to say a big WooooT to the Santa Clara Public Library for making sure i don't pay good money for bad literature. In other news the birthday season has started this month -So I would like to say *HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my DAD!!* He is such a star for letting me live rent free for all these years. He is turning really really old tomorrow. ;)



So I realize it was pretty dumb of me to start a blog on the day I decide to test my willpower and forfeit coffee in the morning. I was not feeling particularly wordy with my grinding headache all day. Today didn't start off that much better since I noticed that my shirt has a stain from a pear (deadly bastards). But at least I had brownies to eat for breakfast. Is it wrong to substitute chocolate for coffee? Oh damn now I am drooling.


Day 1

Time to make brownies. See ya tomorrow.