Gathering Dust

I dont have many pure sit down and read something good books around anymore. I had cleared out my shelves to make room for all my interior design texts and magazines but there is this small stack waiting to be read...

originally purchased about a year ago Name all the Animals by Alison Smith is most patient in the stack for having waited soo very long for me to pick up but honestly will take a good 5 hour planetrip for me to consider reading at this point.

Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison
despite test piggy having this one for several months that is hardly any excuse for why i still havent cracked it open but this one is on the top of the list to be read (maybe even this weekend since i dont have much planned)

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
Wasn't I supposed to read this during high school or college or the couple of years following college...

In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson
He writes travel books that read like novels -I know i got through about 20 pages in Borders one day- only 350 more to go.

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Latest Addition to the stack but now that i have skimmed the description on it again i remember why i bought it.

If it wasnt obvious by the Search Inside arrows all images have been taken from Amazon where all the books can be purchased :)
Hope this inspires everyone to peruse their bookshelves and pull out a couple of the unread.



Back in the Day

Totes arent my favorite kinda bag but have recently come across a lot of cute ones -most famously the ESPRIT logo tote.
I soo remember my older sister rockin' one of these with her aquanet bangs....

$40 at esprit.com (can also get a matching logo T )
i'd like to dedicate this to all the girls with fond memories of the Esprit outlet in SF ahhh those were the salad days..

Found this one when i was looking for Purple attire yesterday. I have got to include the description since it dovetails sooo nicely with 80s esprit:
Do you believe in magic? Remember hanging out in your purple bedroom decorated with rainbows and stars wishing your hair would grow longer faster? Maybe you were into horses or pegasus or unicorns or mermaids. Maybe you were just into clothes and wishing you had your own phone line. This shirt is about remembering remembering, just feeling a little nostalgic for how happiness could be a piece of grape bubble gum a flavored lip gloss or a quarter for an arcade game.

-now doesnt that just make you want to watch The Last Unicorn and crimp hair all night??
$20 by Chandi LINK

I think it is the mix of New Kids and Bon Jovi that i have been running to lately that has me crazy nastolgic for my childhood days...

$14 by Moxie Madness LINK

I badly want to take a trip and get out of the country so anything that has to do with travel is peaking my interests...

I could soo see myself carrying this on my to Brazil or Prague.
Only $13 by marysink LINK

and what better to go in an airplan tote than an airport passport cover

Drunk passengers, backroom cavity searches and an overbudget airport built on old indian burial grounds. Yeah.
$16 by Tinymeat LINK

Deviating a bit from the tote theme but it so grabbed my attention...as hot pink kangaroos are want to do

$35 by Camp Apparel LINK

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My new theme song

Gogol Bordello - start wearing purple
Test Piggy told me about this but failed miserably to send me the link. SHe can be such a filthy liar sometimes.

Here is a lil inspiration for the start wearig purple movement...

Julie Sandlau purple stone cluster hoop earrings $211 LINK

Tufi Duek aubergine leather tassel tie sandals $257

WESC - Women's 'Diane' Jersey Top $75

Protoculture: Women's T - Nouveau Eggplant Lily $34


My first SuperHero

I know this isn't nearly as awesome as some of the classic comic book heroes but it certainly amused me for 15 mins. Meet Eeeelektrik :Princess of holding a snake on her arm, Defender of crappy green backgrounds and Nemesis to the We-like-our-heroes-with-capes-league

Go HERE to make your own.


Lookin' Forward to...

Had a really good time at Design Utopia (first time in years i have bubblegum pink nails) and even ended up with a Huge-Ass Swarovski (pendant not a ring) but awesome nonetheless and when i was hunting around for some of the designers online i came across this:
Wooot May 27th LINK
Went to this event last year and it was just great. Lots of indie fresh crafts, fashions and design.


Sharing Is Caring

Sorry I didnt post yesterday between actual work todo and staring at the walls my day was just FULL UP.
-highlight from my chat with oskar yesterday:

4:21 PM me: you off to school tongiht?
4:23 PM Oskar: yeah
every night except friday
and tonight's class is LAME
but htat's ok
have fun at the gym baby
me: well baby you put the ME in LAME every time
keep you head up
Oskar: die!

We have a very special relationship

Time for the weekly rehash of stuff i found. Something tells me this might be quite the regular feature on fridays...

New fave i am bored and need to kill some time site: Secret Fun Spot LINK
the novel of novelty site

New fave i need to kill some MORE time site: Unique Daily LINK

new fave gossip site: Seriously?OMG!WTF? LINK

new fave gossip site(I am soo fickle): Modern Fabulousity LINK

It has been soo dreary and rainy lately this really is bringing me down! I deserve a little pick me up... say something like this Swarovski ring. I have to go to the mall anyways to return some Limited jeans sooo i might as well just pick this up. wonder if they have it in purple....

More stuff that i Liked and I am not really sure why

Johnny Cupcakes duffle bag LINK

Hybrid-Home print "Heart Breakout" reminds me of the only atari game i was good at
lots more too LINK

Plans for the Weekend
Friday: gym, whole foods um okay lets just skip friday....

Saturday Santa Cruz Passport Wineries LINK
and if i have any energy/soberness after that I am soooo gonna make this chocolate cake LINK
Sunday: Design Utopia LINK


Keep your Front Bumpers to Yourself

Headed to Downtown Palo Alto for lunch and after cruising down the traffic mobbed University street, I was thrilled to turn a corner and BAM pullin parallel parking! what LUCK i thought no reversing and angling crap and even better i can make a speedy get-away should the batsignal go off. with high spirits i was off to lunch.
(flash forward an hour)

As i am prancing back to my car after the best meal ever (author reserves the right for literary exaggeration), I happen to notice that there is a car behind mine now. A car where there isnt even a spot technically. And as i walk around to the driver side i can help but not "gosh they are awfully close to me" and as i take the 5 steps to the back of my car these thoughts have become more aggresive more like "Fucker is TOUCHING MY CAR!!!"

With my temper brewing i walk over to the light blue car molesting my sweet ride and ball my hand into a fist (in my head i smashed it through the window) put i rapped to get the old white guy's attention.

Old white guy "Drrrr"
ME: "Hey that's my car." pointing at my car
OWG: "Drrrrr"
ME: "I have to get out"
OWG:"Drrrr... You want me to back up my car?? Drrrrr"
ME: "Yeah that would be nice since you are smack against it"
OWG: "Drrr drrrr drrrr "

HATE fuckin people who park wherever and wont even apologize for being buttholes.
Will be giving all old white men i see driving pastel cars the evil eye from now on.


White Girls and gang signs

Apparently the epidemic is spreading...

Test Piggy putting the Karate Chop on the LtotheV Gang.


Gimmee a break, its friday

Something to read: 100 unsexiest men 2007 LINK

Something to look at: Shorpy 100yr old photo blog LINK
Something to take a cue from and sit down and eat a hardy breakfast LINK

Somethings to buy:
girlie LINK
juvenile delinquety LINK
Pricey LINK

Something to watch:

that is all. have a thuper weekend!


Sweet Ride

This ad makes it all clear why my parents fell prey to a blue and cream beauty with Naugahyde seats, windows that only opened by popping a latch to expose a 3 inch gap for fresh air and double passenger doors that resulted in several amateur attempts at limb amputation. This was what i learned to drive on. Best moment of my learning permit was cruising around the suburbs with my mom and we are being followed by some sort of sedan car. My mom makes me pull over and all 5 feet of her goes to confront whoever had been following us for ten minutes. Turns out is was some shleppy housewife concerned that we were casing the area for burglaries. CHuh as if! Our van had a good 6 extra standard windows before it qualified as a rape-mobile.

Only a van of such majesty and prestige could possibly top the family car before it. The mysterious and swift AMC Hornet (in light blue as shown no less)

While wikipedia points out that the hornet was the first car to have a luxury trim package by a fashion designer, the only custom feature ours had was a broken heater that blasted out by the feet. Was pure delight after being picked up from swim practice and chauffeured home to whatever hamburger meat meal my mother had prepared with love and cauliflower for us.

After some sort of engine part broke the family hornet was sold to a neighbor for $1. My dad was proud of his 75 cent profit.

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Talk to me my pretty

Just trying to come up with the words to convince myself to buy this jacket before my conscious kicks in.

I also quite like this one but if the buttons dont even line up nicely on the mannequin i know it would be hopeless with my lovely lady lumps.

Site brightening up my rainy wednesday POPGLOSS

where you can find such wonders like this:

keyhole belt buckle

Also check out Charles & marie which has taken the most bookmarked items in a week award. LINK


Easter craftiness

My sister and I made a Peeps carnival dio-rama before i went to the killers concert on saturday. Thats right i said PEEEPS!

Roller coaster, tilt-a-whirl, ring toss, clowns, balloons, cotton candy . . . could a bunch of sugar coated marshmellows have MORE FUN?!?!?! i dont think so

And because i am still on a high after seeing them live. The killers "Sam's Town"

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Nobody does diplomacy on 3 hours sleep

6 AM (after getting home at 2:30 from a night of 80s dancing in SF)
my sister wakes me by calling my name. I go into the bathroom and she is laying on the floor.

She says to me "Laura something is really wrong i need to go to the emergency room."

my response: "I don't believe you."

Oskar confirmed at lunch that i am an awful person. Hey i never said i wasn't an asshole.


One more Souvenir from Ferndale

Who like the cars? the cars that go boom?

for Kt aka the Tigra to my Bunnie.



sooo um

i just passed a woman wearing denim overalls and a white turtleneck in the hallway. the hallway where i work as a contractor and know that this person makes waaaaaay more money that I, has a muuuuuch better title/bigger office/actual window with view and faaaaaaaaar more respect from her coworkers... well that is until the see her in person of course.
thanx for letting me vent.
I was just spent several days up north in humbolt county with kt and matt.
Here are the highlights:
microbreweries (lost coast is just wonderful get some at Bevmo immediately)
cheese tasting
small town bars with shuffleboard
playing poker until 1 or 2 each night
drive thru coffee every 50 feet
Trinidad Bay
delicious fried pub food

Here are the lowlights:
cow smell
delicious fried pub food
not getting mentioned in the police report ONCE
learning the proper cowdown procedure

PS for the plus side i got this from THE music store on the square (why learn the names of places when there is only one???)

Rebel8 shirt Every Rose has its Thorn. but ya know in a womans t duh.

Word of the Day: Tropical
as in "ohh thank gawds i have gum
gyro leaves a bit of a tropical taste behind."

site i have been wasting loads of stuck-in-my-office-until-4:30 time on today:
Pirate and Alien

Alanis Morissette covering "My Lumps" by Fergie