New Years Resolutions

I have a looong list of shit i need to get together in my life (before the end of January) so i thought i should have some mini successes by making the new years resolutions on the easy side.
#1. Watch every episode of Top Design on Bravo
#2. Finish entire box of Cheez-itz
#3. Kick ass at Pirates (link)
#4. Read a book that has more intellect and social significance that the latest Janet Evanovich bestseller
#5. Cut back on weekly trips to Target-will be my greatest test of strength and willpower

Once i have accomplished these i feel i will be in a more confident and mature mind frame to tackle the bigger obstacles like getting a job and a new car and saving money and getting to the gym more and getting health care and finishing school. . . oh fuck-- sense of utter failure and doom is back -where's my box of cheez-itz?



Best Quote of 2007 ....so far

"It's like the Bible, if you take it literally people think you are an idiot."

-Test Piggy