Guilty Pleasures

One of the joys of not having a 9 to 5 anymore is indulgance in really bad cable tv at all hours. My latest favorite gem is on the oxygen network -Breaking Up with Shannon Dougherty. It is just sooo freakin awesome. It is like Cheaters and Jerry Springer and Punk'd all rolled into one. They set these lame boyfriends up to get the dirt on their true feelings and then she comes out and either dispenses the ultimatums or dumps their asses. Shannon is just bad ass and gorgeous enough that these guys are left stunned over getting caught lying and acting like juveniles. I just fuckin' love it! There really is nothing better on at 11 at night. My other new discovery is on the discovery channel and is called cash cab. A trivia show that takes place in a cab in New York where people get on looking for a taxi ride and end up winning cash. The best is that it is ALL sorts of new yorkers that you would never see on a regular game show. And really even if they get every answer wrong -they still got a free cab ride so EVERYONE is a winner ;)
Here is a clip from Revenge of the Nerds for no reason whatsoever.


Outlook hazy

I was laid off from my job on friday soo things are in a limbo at the moment. I took it fairly well since A) i hated that job and had nothing in common with my coworkers B) i was planning on looking for a new one in september anyways C) and most importantly the sudden afternoon off came me some much needed time to complete my final project that was sue on saturday (which i totally got an A on thank you very much)

Leaving for vegas on thurs means i am trying to take care of the small details like registering for unemployment, updating the resume etc. . . and making lots and lots of lunch dates with all my friends -ya know the importnat stuff to take care of when you have absolutely nothing to do all day long.
Wish me luck on my latest job hunt ;)


I'm telling my mommy on YOU

I squeeeeealed like a lil piggy when i saw Michael Kors mother!! I was enraptured by how alike they were. Forget the rest of the show i want a Michael and Mum show twice a week for the rest of my life where they just plan cocktail parties and what shade of fake tan to be that day and point at badly dressed celebs in fancy restaurants and giggle like schoolgirls behind their glasses of champagne.
Anyways onto the Runway but with this crew it was more like a ducks crossing the street. waddle waddle waddle.

Robert and (Vincent's sister) is OUT. Napfest season 3 is over.

Vincent WINNER for Uli's Mum -i loved IT! hmmm does this explain his craziness??? Needing a mother figure around to tell him what to do in order to succeed?

I think Jeffrey won asshat of the year award with his autrocious treatment of Angela's mother. Was like kicking a puppy dog. A rather chubby and gauche puppy dog but a puppy dog nonetheless. And by the way Jeffrey this sucked.

Michael for Robert's sister. Really awesome reversable shirt dress but no real stretch since she is pratically a model herself. No way it could have won if Robert was getting kicked off. Bravo isnt that good with irony.

kayne for Michael's Mom. I didnt know it was okay to go shop at KMart instead of making anything fresh and orginal.

Angela for Laura's Mom. Now this is the director of Jubilee Jumbles.

Uli for Kayne's Mother. Christ Uli is a genius with mixing patterns. Def going to the final 3! (kayne dont hate me but man your mom looks like a pug)

Laura for Jeffrey's Mom. I liked the pants so the judges can just FUCK off.

Dinner for Newty and I: Trader Joes chicken eggrolls IN sweet n sour shrimp stir fry OUT.


Clothes make the woman

cute clutch right? but really is more acurrate a representation of what is going on under my eyes today. Big black bags with mascara everywhere. I am basically brain dead after indecision about what to do for my final project and mad amount of stress over completing said project. My concealor skills are totally out of whack since i also have an obvious pair of these on my face at the moment.

But at least my hair looks bitchin' today ;)


Let Me Call You Sweetheart

I'm in looooove with YOU.
My latest obsession. Street style photos
These are from Hel-Looks link Great people shots of Helsinki Finland. Spent all morning looking at this site. Such great inspiration.

Am soo glad i found The Clothes Project. LINK
"It is not about good or bad fashion. It is about interesting outfits, the person behind the outfit and the diversity of street styles in Singapore." They also have a bunch of links for other street style sites

Getting lots of killer ideas on night photography from Last Night's party. LINK
and also want to get a bunch of my friends together for some drunkeness.

Face Hunter "a man out and about in paris and beyond: eye candy for the style hungry" LINK

And i couldnt leave out a link for the japanese FRUiT site LINK

New fav blog: I am a greedy girl LINK Lust is never out of style. who linked to Day lab LINK and caused rapid and rabid bookmarking on my part.. .

Crochet necklaces way too cutesy for me to actually wear but i NEEEED a wee green duckie to attach to my keychain, cellphone, purse etc. . STAT!

Kills me how awesome and underused this concept is. Printing on the back of the shirt. TEST PIGGY ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION HERE?!??!?

This ring is the sort of thing that makes me want to take metalsmith classes. Cant beleive i went YEARS and YEARS avoiding rings and now they are all i dream about.

have to thank KT for sending me this LINK for Ryan McGuiness-just beautiful art.

Crazy what can collect in my bookmarks in only a week ;) have a great weekend everybody. I will be drawing and rendering and cutting and pasting like a madwoman trying to get my final int design project done by mext saturday. Is it too late to regret my procrastination???


Trash Bags

Oooo Heidi is bringing out the whips and chains and ain't takin' no more bullshit. I loooove how she is giving the designers leaky bowels over how tough the challenges are going to get.

Alison gets thrown out like a bag of trash. Really wish she had stuck with her original colorful papers-think that would have gone over a whole lot better than having her look called a fat minnie mouse.

Micheal wins again. Is ok i spose.

I really loved this dress Laura made-compared to everyone elses this was sooo tailored and perfect-just shows how talented she is at structuring.
Did they outlaw alcohol along with fashion guides at the Atlas cuz Laura seriously needs a martini or twelve. The snarky little comments she throws at the others is really uncalled for. That being said the attack on Vincent was totally justified and deep down i believe motivated by her having to now share an apartment with one less buffer between her and Angela and the grief of Alison not being around to braid hair and do each others nails at 2 in the morning.

Oskar was rooting for Jeffrey to win this one. The fake belt was pretty great though-it really fit this outfit. I probably would have agreed if the entire thing was yellow and didnt have the blue added to the skirt just reminded my of a circus tent. Plus jeffrey is still a total asshole.

Vincent needs to be cut ala Keith style just for the way he says "Gets me off" hello??? GROSS!

Kayne Kayne Kayne wtf
There is NO WAY NINA let him crawl out of the hole he dug himself into when he immediately started making excuses about the materials he seleceted and how he threw it together at the last minute. I blame the procuders for editing. I really felt Kayne should have been out with this look.

Sad that this is a HUGE improvement over anything Robert has created lately

Angela -what i love is that you just KNOW she would come up with the exact same outfit given the most expensive materials to choice from. (anybody else getting Barbie and the Rockers flashbacks from this???)

I really like what Uli did with her materials. I think she was shafted by the judges for not recognizing her innovation here.

My Final rant on this episode:
I dont know what has gotten fucked with the editing but the shows are not nearly as well produced as they were last season. They have totally fucked Tim's inspiring "Make it Work" into a joke and the interactions between the designers is just shown as absolutely catty and stale.


Hump Day

This wednesday just needs to be over already. I am so tired and cranky and unhappy and i have to go to school tonight which just puts the icing on the shitcake. Hopefully a little digital underground can help us get through the day . ..



OH lots going on with everybody. . .

Rememeber to eat your cake cuz big is beautiful reg.

And because blog posts are never certain we will wish Stefania (a day early) HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!!!!

and CONGRATULATIONS To KT on her new job

oh how upsetting -wanted to put up pic of dress i ordered this morning from Style violet. will just have to link to it HERE. (ps i got it in chocolate not the dusty pink one)



I think i just found the slogan for my Interior Design Company once i am outta school.


Window Shopping

Because the trying on is free. . .

Latest GO International designers at Target Paul + Joe -although now that i take a second look is maybe a little too bathrobe-ish maybe i'll still give it a spin the next time i am at target.

I dont really want to own this item but looking at it makes me quite pleased by the excellant combination of lightning and unicorns -talk about giving evil the double-whammy!by Sars on Mars $90

I used to think i was a rather fickle beast but since i am still OBSESSED with colored faux croc after 2 years just shows what a mature and loyal woman i am. Colbalt clutch from Wet Seal $16.50

I have to buy a new pair of boots this fall and i thought it would be wise to do a lil prelimanary search at zappos -once again they dont disappoint. . . So nice to find JUST what you were looking for on the first try ;)

oh christ i just snorted with laughter when i thought of the above boots paired with socks like this:

While wearing a tacky miniskirt or something to really show off the style of it all

Fun and Games
Serial Killer or Computer Programer QUIZ
MOTAS -i cant really explain it but i am kinda stuck on the level with the ufo and alien.
Latest Desgin Site that i am crushing on and will be passing notes to during math class. Design Milk


Models playing God

Woot Michael Kors has finally returned and minus a grotesque layer of fake tan. This episode was a challange upon challenge first the models selecting the designer and then the models picking the style icon to modernize -they must have needed naps after all that hard work!

WINNER Michael Pam Grier so rooting for michael to win this one. And i'll be honest he also won my heart by calling his momma during the show. Awww.

LOSER Bradley Cher good riddance- If only Bob Mackie had appeared at the end to smack Bradley in his face for his insolence and stupidity.

Vincent Twiggy cant stand twiggy so anything would have been horrid but Vincent really out did himself on the horridness here.

Robert Jackie O -soo hard for me to get past the rope belt -Robert i really really want to like you but Fuck i cant take this crap anymore. Just stop with the bad design exectution already.

Jeffrey Madonna i was expecting something more and my god i hate strapless tops that arent snug to the bossom just asking for visible tits to happen.

Angela Audrey Hepburn yeah she is stepping up and can design and sew and funnily enough actually sketch but i still dont like her ;)

Laura-Katherin Hepburn A-fucking-mazing sooo cool and sophiticated

Kayne Marilyn Monroe kayne is sooo going to be in the final 3 -he just does great work every time.

Uli Diana Ross cant go wrong with purple leopard print

Alison Farrah Fawcett cute.

am getting really tired of how obvious the winners and losers are becuase they are sooo focused on during the episode. Is crazy how much talent is on this show now. I am trying to steel myself for when some of the really good ones have to get let go (Alison, jeffrey). well after vincent gets cut next week then i will be steeling myself ;)


Retro Crush

Like getting hit upside the head with an issue of Tiger Beat from 1989 here is a flashback of Tyler from Life Goes On hottie Tommy Puett-now lets all enjoy the scroll down. . .

Why did we crush sooo very hard on Tommy?
1) he knows how to control a mullet -TIGHT & RIGHT!
B) there are times when tommy wears a shirt with leather and there are times when the mood is right for leather sans T. The Tommy knows the time.
Lastly) just one word: Hunk