Casserole Post

Time to clean out the Bookmark Pantry. Mixed up, Baked for hours and served HAWT with lots of luv for you to feast upon. Eat it Up.

I am just such a sucker for the majestic Peafowl. I have sooo found my next Halloween costume.

Now I just need to learn how to ice skate to get the sweet moves down.

piss your sailor pants funny you must must must check out Jason Mulgrew's a life in pictures. LINK

Some more funny time wasting stuff
Jesus is Hitler LINK

a site for the mens (hipster metrosexual shopping kind) UNCRATE

If you are anything like me (and seriously that really should be your current life goal) you will be willing to adopt Anna Nicoles drug baby for everything on this site. LINK

more jewelry site I kinda dug:
Pyrrha LINK

Stunning Details LINK
who wants to buy me these???

leather bangletts from Spipo LINK

Now wasnt that tasty?!?

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Job Hunting at Work

So trite but so true crappy jobs just suck the life out of you.



What kind of kitty are you?

As much i as i want to run fancy free like the kitty outside. I am definitely the abused, medicated, coned prisoner kitty inside-at least i have a pretty mat to sit on.

****Ever vigilant Newty has pointed out that the pic that was supposed to be above has disappeared. I thought i would try and be cute and draw the pic out in my paint program but unforch my system has (cough cough) upgraded to star office draw and it is wicked awful and confusing - and this from someone who got an A++ in her autocad class. So here is the pic uploaded to my phtobucket account -like i should have done in the first place. damn these lazy bones of mine. ENJOY!
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But i NEED them!

I have this dynamite new red patent leather bag. It is just the symbol of fierceness among my moc-croc and pleather purses. And they really do deserve a pair of shoes to keep it company on its outings.
I was thinking of getting a pair of black because red purse with red shoes is just tooo cutesy for my tastes. I realize that the stores are pratically vomiting out patent leather shoes these days but I have some particular demands for the ones to be privledged enough to grace my 8 1/2s. I want something more that a pump with a peep toe and as much as i LURVE my new bag i do not have delusions about it being a long term or steady relationship so these shoes have to be on the lower end of the expense spectrum.
As a savvy shopper of the new millenium I am doing my research and have uncovered some treasures and some dreams, some possibilities and some things that could only be malicious jokes on some cobblers part to fool and embarrass on unsuspecting consumer.

Charles David call this the Josie -at $215 i am calling this a wardrobe fantasy

No quest would be complete without obstacles to distract and entangle the heroine. This is one such distraction but my isn't it a pretty one. (Charles David Mare $89)

Tahari Tammy at Macys for $105. Def stands out with the pretty white contrast piping and the strappiness ohhhh the strappiness!!

Total distraction #2.Guess Mira $80 Oh gawd i cannot resist its loverly orange tones and the croc empbossing oooo that is my achilles heal. FOCUS Laura FOCUS!

BCBGirls Library $98 This is teh one i am really crushing on. Punch outs instead of polka dots. I just cant get enough of it.

this is def the WTF winner. Oh zappos how i adore you for exposing me to such fashion wrecks -maybe with an arrangement of fake flowers stuffed inside the basket soles would make sense.

Suprised this doesnt come with a free long black velet skirt with purchase. I know you were thinking the same thing too.




Hmm a site that has the street banners of art museums exhibits for sale?? tell me more...

I saw these advertised in the back of Dwell magazine and was immediately enraptured with the idea of owning one. . . .that is until i got to the site and the prices were from $300 to almost $800. Chuh to that! soo not what i wanted to hear
And as to not end on a bad note:
I luv this site LINK
Such tasty goodness cannot be denied!


Working stiff

I never realized how difficult and frustrating it was spending time researching, writing inserting pics etc in this blog until i was no longer killing time and getting paid for it And like a well loved library book my job has been renewed and I am back at once again. No doubt the toughest part about returning to gainful employment (other than the midday TLC what not to wear cravings) will be having to stretch my brains and energies to fill up the 5+ free hours of one-on-one time with my computer. Which means for you lucky dogs POSTS lots and lots of posts brand spankin, fresh posts! My feelings about having a job (unforch it is this one) can best be expressed thru song and craptastic video -specifically Poison's "Every Rose has its Thorn"

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