i feel like i am in high school algebra class. Totally bored and afraid to pass notes and make noise lest i get the attention of the teacher. I have a box of christmas cards glaring at me on my desk which i am steadfastly trying to ignore by playing web soduko and looking at crap here. At least my boredom will end a half hour earlier today since i expertly negotiated a swap for leaving early instead of taking a lunch break. I would feel more smug about it but i am still naseous from the greasy breakfast i ate this morning. I forgot that after a lengthy absense greasy breakfast will haunt you for the rest of the day.
I totally blame my current state on the WB for airing a dumb american girl movie instead of a new gilmore girls-i so need a wine and gg fix right now. Instead i had to make do watchin Bones and House on Fox. Neither was that bad or that great but i think that is the definition of Fox scheduling these days.
Is time to satisfy my champagne taste on a beer budget with a cheetos and tea break. Will try and perk up for a better post thurs.
For your added pleasure i finished my list and you can check it out 100 things about me link.



My friend Janessa dove often accuses me of being too picky when it comes to men. I hadnt given it much thought until this morning it came to me that i just really really really want to date someone who looks and sounds just like Jon Bon Jovi and i see no reason to settle for anything less. (i think it is his hair -he has such awesome hair now!) And he doesn't have to be a model/singer/actor like Jon-he can have whatever multi-million dollar career he wants!! How open and flexible is that!?!?! so not picky at all!
In other news-i had a dream last night that i was wearing some pinky/red pair of slingbacks with white tennis socks.
And i have made an important new discovery. try it! you'll like it or your money back!

Wooot! Carol got hired permanent like at morgan stanley(?) -stanley morgan(?) (i just can never remember the right order)


Under Duress

I am feeling obligated to post today since tomorrow is thanksgiving and i (hope) will not be in front of a computer until monday ( i realize this means no fashion friday but thems the breaks). Am trying to brainstorm with carol about centerpiece craft-she has all ready shot down my idea to make replicas of all the feast attendees out of cork but she is still down with the cranberry cornucopia idea. Everything is up in the air until tomorrow anyways. I am skipping out of the gym tonight since my right shoulder is still crippled with pain. Besides need to run a couple of errands (most importantly buying lots and lots of wine for dinner tomorrow). Jennifer has invited me to go see RENT tonight so that should be awesome. Although i have a sneeking suspicion that she will try and sing along to all the songs. have def decided to not go shopping on friday-am much more concerned with sleeping in as long as possible.
Until we meet again.


Can It be ANY simpler?

Wondering what to buy me for Christmas? I was going to half seriously/half-joking put this put i actually dont want any of these. sigh i guess it is not so simple after all.


Piss Off!

I am in such an irritated state right now. So annoyed with one of my coworkers still that everytime I have to write/forward an email to her I keep thinking of the phrase "Eat shit and Die."
And I am ridiculously depressed about my lack of shoes (totally blind-sided me that I only have 3 pairs I actually wear and 2 more I will actually concede to wear on certain days) and I can't get away with wearing my flip flops everyday. Plus I had such pangs of depression when I think back to the halcyon days of my house-booties. Sigh I should have held onto you stinky beasts for one more winter.
I am also in extreme physical pain from the winter desert that is my face these days. Skin is soo dry and irritated that it hurts (HURTS!) and I have to go to sephora to try to remedy this. No fun shopping for basic mantinence stuff when I really want to spend money on a pretty eyeshadow or new gloss or sweet new perfume. MEH!
And the cherry on this emotionally tortured sundae is that my car is filth since I haven't washed it in forever, I have to sand my dresser in order to be one step further toward it being redone so I can stash all my clothes back in it, Thanksgiving is coming up and I have no idea what happened to November, I keep having dreams of my teeth falling out which according to THIS means I am to expect to not get away with much else for much longer. PLUS I have all ready made plans to meet Jennifer at the gym. She better be awfully funny and amusing to me today or her head is being ripped off in my cloud of malice and spite that is today.


Fashion Friday

Since i had such a good time putting together the stellar outfit for last week i decided to go ahead and make it the highlight of my friday again. Since this is the not enough purple blog, i thought it was only fitting to dedicate an ensable to my favorite color. This was a little difficult because purple just isnt the choice of the tacky designers but i have pulled some items that i believe will make everyones life a little happier.


Sometimes my world revolves around the right accessory and in this instant the right accessory just happens to be a $330.00 belt. So what that you have to suck in your stomach to get this to lay in a flattering manner around the waist? There is no price too high for an item that instantly enchants the crowds and emits a delicate and harmless nature that would make Bambi envious.

A lil sumthin sumthin for the Feet

Violet Purple Turtle Line Velvet - no joke that is the "color" of these shoes on zappos. While these do have the classic (pardon me, those couture types prefer the word "signature") Pucci design and pattern that will just never die, I spent some time considering the size of the gold buckle on these clogs. The propotion would definitely make any earrings or necklace redundant which will make the price tag of $478.95 peanuts. Don't forget -Zappos has free shipping!

Never a Dull Moment

How could i reisist a site called Vintageous.com??? Almost as clever as I am on a good day.
And my willpower was also no match for the pintucks a-go-go of this dress. Despite being from the 1950's, it is obvious from the photo that the shine has held up amazingly well! Lets be honest we ain't got no time for the items with no shine.

Now since bags are such a important purchase, I didn't want to force something on you all that would be less than heavenly. Since i know you will all want to purchase, i thought i would just link right to this fabulous item. It is only $8!!!

If it look like polyester and smells like polyester

I was rather hoping to find the ultimate fall look-the velvet jacket- in purple but since this trend is dying off like fruit flies, I wouldn't want people to label this blog as "dated". i went with this. Not necessarily because i was overly offended/interested by the pattern or concept of a retro coat but it was the obvious discomfort of the model paid to look good in a jacket that doesn't even fit her that made it such a winner for me. I need to spend some more time in the mirror perfecting this look that accentuates the cheekbones with a minimal distortion of the mouth. Act quick on this on it is all ready on sale at Victoria's Secret for a $109 steal!


Ooooh the shame

i have a dirty dirty little secret that i just cannot keep to myself anymore. I am blushing just thinking about exposing this but my secrecy it is just EATING me ALIVE!!
I know I know I know all ready how shameful, how embarrassing, how god damn mockable this information will be but I am ready to confess! i totally like the new ashlee simpson song " boyfriend"
(gasp) i know i need to beat this nonsense out of myself with a cat-o-nine tails but i am addicted to the ridiculous pop-ness of it all. How was i supposed to know that it would only take one snippet of the beat for me to jonesing for another hit of "
Hey, how long till the music drowns you out? Don't put words up in my mouth, I didn't steal your boyfriend"
I understand that some of you may no longer want to be seen in public with me . . . there just is no cure for popstaritis.


Just a Teaspoon of Sugar. . .

Since i sit and stare all day i often feel the tiny death of every wasted braincell occuring. I decided to help combat this and with the aide of a Fun Size snickers i think i can spread a little visual education.

Time For SOME Culture


Turn Back -Here Be Dragons

my pet!



Well now that we all now how to apply make-up like Pamela Anderson champs (See previous post "Avon Calling. . ")some of us are left wondering "Well how do we take the spirit of our new rouged, shellacked, powdered faces and apply this to the rest of our bodies?" Since our personal philosophy "Outside beauty equals inner peace" let's start with the outerwear! Well since it is getting colder out and it would be a shame to be caught in a bulky, bland wool peacoat with a face that can stop traffic. Let us consider what the offspring of a rainbow and the fur of a yeti would look like (for a mere $360 no less!)

Wrist Candy

We are off to an awesome outfit start! The purse is the accesory of all accesories-a true extension of the personality and style of the holder. Let us consider the tone, the sublety, the completion that the ideal bag can bring to a "Look". Now let us forget all that and buy this instead. some of you may gasp at the $250 price tag but lets look at the pros of spending good money for good leather.
1) white goes with everything!
2) plenty of room for your Baby Phat pink phone
3)shows a love for the arts and music without you having to say a word.
4)handle design makes for a sassy statement swinging from your wrist as you guzzle Cosmos down at Studio 8.
5)gives you that well-rounded educated look that any Miss America pageant contestent would ENVY!

Time to Name Drop

Nothing says "I have arrived!" like expensive footwear. And no shoe says "surf & turf" like these roberto cavallis. Do not attempt to wear unless you have the wild spirit of a cheetah woman, the delicate fairy appreciation of pearls, pastel and sheen and a whole lot of essensce of siren mermaid. Try not to be to smug while walking around in these (hard not to when you are the fashion plate on so many trends and genres).

Dress me up in Your LOVE

We are almost at the end of our outfit of outfits and it is time to explore the piece de resistance`, THE DRESS!! We have been cruising through rather expensive waters so far (did I mention that the cavalli's were $324.95??) and been fortunate to cover leather, ruffles, sparkles and have them all work so well together!! What is left, what else can enhance without repeating our fashion story to date? Well the only answer is lame! I believe I have stumbled across the budget answer to high fashion and is an excellent ensemble item for a mere, a paltry, a bargain basement price of $26. Notice the exquisite way it drapes across the body accentuating every roll and crease of this mannequin's body! This is really the difference between being a Barbizon model or just looking like one!
Now rapidly scroll back up the page and you will see our fabulous, avante guarde style of the Millenia outfit in all its GLORY!!


Avon Calling. . .

picture is worth a thousand (vietnamiese) words. Definitly check out this site. Despite the lanuguage barrier i have no doubt that you will all understand PERFECTLY!I dont think there is a more hilarious montage of make-up gone bad in the world. The sweetest part is that they all had stylists and make-up artists and agents and managers and hairdressers and shit to achieve this look. And before you all go crazy and start endorsing that fresh clean, all natural LOOK -make-up was invented for a reason. To cover the ugly outside of us all. This reminds me of the a photo shoot of me and carol. Think Alexis Vogel, think hot location (my bedroom), celebrity photographer (Amy) and it was a SCENE to remember (am so going to upload those pics here when i get home).
I know i promised halloween pics but i was soo exhausted after my day yesterday (work, gym, shower, voting, gettin dinner and hanging with kt for fresh GG) that i couldnt handle the scanning demands last night. Will get on it while i hunt for shots of me and carol.


You Don't Even KNOW. . .

Such a freakin hassle for me to post halloween pics -I have been trying and trying. Server is so freakin slow at work that it doesnt want to take the pics from flickr and post them. I haven't give up but i totally reached my frustration level for the day. . . maybe tomorrow will be another story -at the very least i will throw down the link to them all on flickr. i know the obvious question is: "Why isnt the link here NOW??" well cause stupid me i thought that pics would upload faster from photoshop and look better -LIES all LIES straight scanning was the way to go so only half have made it up. I will try not to drop dead from gorging myself at kts tonight so i have some energy to get this all done tonight. I think to make up for my ire this morning, the universe decided to be kind and made the last third of my burrito from Baja all steak. it was freakin great!!! I do loves me the meats soo soo gooood. Don't Forget: VOTE today!! i know it isnt the most exciting election this time around but it is the only way i have of sticking it to the man (well in this case the terminator) I am reading THIS now and finding it just hilarious. I am in such a reading phase lately. Must be the cold weather.



I know it has been a ridiculous time since i have last written.
Halloween was great and i hope to scan in some pics for all to enjoy (be patient)
CONGRATULATIONS BOO!!! Carol has a new job with morgan stanley. woot woot woot (3 woot salute!)
I am ill so brain is groggy and drowning in medecines. I am particularly whinny for some reason, usually i am a pretty low key sickly one but this time around i am whining and groaning to anyone who crosses my path. I apologize. Despite recognizing this infant behavior i see no reason to stop until i am well again. At least i am not in complete misery, have been reading Dry and really enjoying it.
I am out for the rest of the weekend. Calling in sick tomorrow and am going to whoop it up with a trip to the DMV (rock on rock on) and mostly likely several hours of arrested development. I will try and return to my normal wit and banter next week.
To keep you all occupied in the mean time check out the sale at Nordstrom (buy two shirts and call me in the morning)