What do i need to get done today?

-have to post this because it is hecka ugly/ridiculous

"Doily Collar- Turquoise Crochet lacey half-doily shape makes its entrance as a stunning starburst neckpiece! fanciful and bohemian with a very Victorian feel. This collar ties in back with four long chains of yarn which elegantly drape down your back. Price: $58.00"
Anyone out there have a fanciful doily craving that just isnt being met??? fucking stupid


-Have to finish my homework for class today (i snuck it into work inside of a Jane Magazine, i find it funny that i used to do the exact opposite in my college classes....)

-Have to watch a ton of Dane cook vids on Youtube becuase i can. -ooooo Have to post a congrats for Oskar CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW JOB BABY! CHECK AND CHECK!

-ohhhhh i am such a horrible parent -just remembered that my baby turns 1 today. awww sweet memories. . . .

Day 1

Time to make brownies. See ya tomorrow.

what was true then is true now ;) lets celebrate with some cake!

Not just any barbie cake ---a Martha STEWART barbie cake

Makes 1 Barbie doll cake
3 recipes Yellow Cake , two in tube shape and one in bowl shape
2 recipes Italian Meringue Buttercream
1. Trim the tops off the 2 tube cakes to level. Trim the flat end of the bowl cake to level. Cut a hole through the center of the bowl cake the width of the Barbie doll. Place one tube cake, trimmed side up, on a cake plate. Place the second tube cake, trimmed side up on top, and the bowl cake, trimmed side down, on top. Spread 1 cup of frosting between each layer.

2. Remove all clothing from the doll and wrap the doll’s hair in plastic wrap. Insert doll into the hole of the bowl cake up to its waist. Use half of the remaining frosting to completely cover the outside of the cakes, evenly smoothing to form the skirt part of the doll.

3. Tint remaining frosting with food coloring to desired colors. Using pastry bags and decorating tips, decorate the skirt and upper half of the doll with colored frosting, as desired. Remove plastic from the doll’s hair, and serve.

I just had to share since i like cakes that include directions to wrap doll hair in plastic. You KNOW that has got to be tasty-fine!


My Sofa is more famous than Your Sofa

Underneath this adorable pic from stuffonmy cat is the exact pattern of sofa in my bedroom. timeless isnt it?!? I am exhausted after not doing a damn thing this long weekend. Will see ya tomorrow.
oh how pathetic that post was supposed to go up yesterday -i didnt realize iwas so out of it that i didnt notice it was a draft still. time for more coffee this is just unexcusable.


Me likey

Wooot mmore cell phone accessories. Mobile Beauty makes mirros that you can stick on or dangle from your phone. I do loves this lightening bolt.

Purple always wins over evil LINK
Look at this craftyness!!

Unforch it is $112 but i think this is the only piece of embroidery i have ever desired since the lavender pillows case my mom embroidered a unicorn on and i loved it for years. Speaking of Unicorns make sure to Check out Charlie below.

Many thanks to Emerging Standard for finding some of this stuff and giving me more time to read gossip blogs. Any blog that features free graphic paper downlaods (HERE) is cool in my book ;)

Making My Friday

Seriously this clip is the icing on the Friday Cake.


The One that Got Away

I was at my favorite Marshalls this past weekend to see what cute cheapness i could get for ten bucks. There was one shirt that i seriously had to make a Yes/No list about to debate it merits and well i was hoping to excuse its major drawback.

The YES column
-absolutely best koi fish graphic i have ever seen! 3 fishes in a circle 2 black and 1 blue. i tried to find an accurate image but seriously nothing came close so best left to the imagination
-tshirt was that hip long style without being crazy bulky and nice east fit to it
-seriously soft fabric i forgot to look at what it was -for sure not cotton but it felt like an old blankie

The NO column
-t-shirt wasnt white or black or anything basic like that but

even with my tan jacket on it was still just too much. sighhh

In Other extrememly irrelavant News
Have you seen the liquid liners from MAC??

i got Coco bar (brown) last night but the club girl in me was FIGHTING for Inky (midnight blue) or Powerplum (shiny lilac) -All it will take is a friday night at a dance club and i am sure i will be purchasing both soon

Blog i am totally crushing on today Clothes-Pin

Newest Design Site Discovery: Destination Design
Obviously they have great taste since these color changing tiles were featured
soo not your junior high school boyfriends's hypercolor

Whatcha know about SuperFuture?? plain rad city guides

One the the funniest takes on Hot Or Not i have seen - Wedding Betting


Showtime Synergy

I have told a couple of friends that i have every intention of being Jem for Halloween. I have never really gone all out crazy on a costume and this may be the excitment over wearing silver glitter and a hot pink skirt but i am jazzed about this idea. Yes Halloween is MONTHS away but one can never start the hunt for large star earrings and two toned pink hair too early.

My inspiration:

Notice the wicked eyeshadow design How Awesome!

Thank God Wet N' Wild hasnt gone out of business. Only fitting to use the ult 80s make-up to achieve that perfect 80s look.

The costume is going to be the hard part obv
First which look to recreate??
The Classic Pink dress

or go for one of the more obscure Jem doll outfits
Flash N Sizzle

A leeetle too mermaid for me

not exactly the doll i want to look like.

Rock N Curl Jem
Lots of Hot Pink lots of Bows and just a dash of purple to tie it all together. Sorry Barbie Need Not Apply.

Glitter N Gold Jem

Truthfully not even a contender (white tights for shits sake but her hair does remind me of lita ford in Kiss Me deadly Video)

There are a couple of DEDICATED Jem fans out there and i want to thank them for reminding me just how truly outrageous Jem was and is. It also brought back other fond memories of Kimmer (jems bandmate/ little sister) and the other band members (Aja, Danse, Shana who had to leave to follow her dream of being a fashion designer) the mansion full of foster kids called the starlight kids (nothing says sidekick quite like a foster kid -just ask Mr. T)

Now i only wonder what poor guy i can con into being Rio??

I am sure my destiny has a purple-haired band manager in love with my alter ego in my near future. ;)

I really hope that this Halloween will Get Jem out of my system or else my first daughter is in serious danger of being called Jerrica.


Reality vs Fantasy

Where i am

Where i wish i was

What i am drinking (filled from the tap no less)

What i wish i was drinking

What i had for lunch (cold brought to work in a ziploc)

What i wish i was having

Who i am haging out with

Who i wish i was hanging out with.


What is Heaven?

Well i may be wrong but getting a network upgrade that allows you to watch YouTube at work now is pretty darn close to nirvana. To celebrate:

Any guesses on how long i spent looking at people dancing, project runway spoofs and guys singing songs about pokemon this morning? Christ if in could get episodes of One live to Life i might actually look forward to coming to work.

Some Stuff

Cartoon/Celebrity look alikes HERE
50 worst things to Happen to Music HERE


No thanks

Hunter has no interest in becoming a stuffonmycat.com star.

Accesories-my first Love

Every once in a while i go on an accessory buying binge. I am STARVING for some new earrings and necklaces ooh and braclets oh gosh and i really like glass rings now and umm did i mention i need earrings....

Adorably available in 9 different colors on the inside. How much do i want the Plum Lined one??? more than life itself at the moment.

Take Me i am YOURS. i am just helpless to resist these. Of anything these are the ones i am most likely to buy basically cuz i havent seen anything like them in the stores.


I am Gobsmacked with WANT over this necklace. True this whole wing trend is well a trend but I rue the day when there is no room for CUTE in my wardrobe.

Everyone has a type. Mine just happens to be silver bangles. True these are open like a cuff but when you can stack them lets be honest that is PURE Bangle Behavior.

To be quite frank i did admire the neckalce of this just a tad bit more but this runner-up had the better detailed pic. Just think it floats better when attached to a longer chain that these earrings do.

Hmmm Intriging. Okay i am listening - you are a bracelet you say??? Hmmm not quite getting that Acrylic you say?? My My my you do look delicious and graceful. I may not be crushing on you quite yet but a harmless flirt wont hurt anyone.

More fashion style design sites for you pleasure.
Far Too Cute
and had to share this even though i nor anyone i knows has kids. From ModernMini


sweat & toil

It is freakin hot today. Would be wonderful if i could go to the beach but since it only means wearing flip flops and a tank top to work on a monday it is such a waste of great weather. have felt slightly off all day -partly due to the benadryl hangover (took 2 yesterday after horrible allergy attack while stuck in car) but mostly due to the upgraded netwrok system that welcomed me this morning. so what if my email wasnt working, or all my work programs now have a funny font. More importantly it has taken me HOURS of googling and brainstorming to get a slice of my old bookmarks back after this switch erased my internet history. CURSES! oh well at least i have a newer version of flash so a whole new world of online games and videos has been opened up to me. talk about expanding your horizons while stuck in an office. Hope everyone had a spectacular Mothers Day -especially all the MOMS.


Any way we can Speed this Up?

busy bee

Bzz Bzzz Bzzz must keep buzzing along. gotta get my mom flowers (it is her b-day today) bzz bzzz bzzz cant go out tonight gotta study -keep my antenna on the grindstone so to speak. bzz bzzzz gotta do homework cuz it is due TOMORROW (ugh saturday class all day) bzz bzzz gonna need more honey to get through that. bzzz bzzz bzzz gotta get plan for sunday down since it s MOTHERS DAY. buzzzz buzzz buzzz does this lil bee have time to go the gym tonight??? probzzzly not.

Happy Birthday to my MOM!! not that she reads this or anything but it is the thought that counts.

Stuff to Check out
Splung -cool stuff for guys
Badly Drawn Cats
Bunny Shop

By the way if you recall THIS post -i totaly got my free gum in the mail the other day -still eagerly awaiting my post-its.


Jimmy had it coming

Sometimes i steal stuff from other sites:

I murdered my brother because i am cool like that and thats how i roll (wearing a black and white striped shirt today)

Pick the month you were born:

January--I kicked
February--I loved
March--I smoked
April--I dry humped
May--I choked on
June--I murdered
July--I did the macarena with
August--I had lunch with
September--I danced with
October--I sang to
November--I yelled at
December--I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born on:

1-------a birdbath
2-------a monster
3-------a phone
4-------a fork
5-------a Mexican
6-------a gangster
7-------my cell phone
8-------my dog
9-------my best friends boyfriend
10-------my neighbor
11-------my science teacher
12-------a banana
13-------a fireman
14-------a stuffed animal
15-------a goat
16-------a pickle
17-------your mom
18-------a spoon
20-------a baseball bat
21-------a ninja
22-------chuck Norris
23-------a noodle
24-------a squirrel
25-------a football player
26-------my sister
27-------my brother
28-------an ipod
29-------a permanent marker
30-------a llama
31-------A homeless guy

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

White------because im cool like that
Black------- because thats how i roll.
Pink--------because I'm NOT a homosexual.
Red---------Because the voices told me to.
Blue--------Because im sexy and i do what i want
Green------Because I hate myself.
Purple------Because I'm cool.
Gray--------Because I was drunk
Yellow------Because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars
Orange----Because I hate my family.
Brown-----Because I was high.
Other-------Because I'm a ninja.
None------Because I cant control myself


Whine Country

Um so i am sorry that my home comp is butt ass slow and i have only managed to upload like 3 pics from the sonoma trip. But more importantly Kt and I look great.


Am i supposed to be able to resist the cuteness of this??? Cuz i cant and I DONT WANT TO!!!


On With the Show

ok the thing is yesterday really sucked. sucked BAAAAAAD.
So lets just put it behind us and move on to bigger and better things. For example the whats New and Hot section of wetseal.com. From what i can tell items in this category rarely fit both these descriptions but it gave me the perfect oppertunity to pull a bunch of items some meant to please and some to amuse with their tackiness. try not to get confused.

I am staying at the mall ALL summer until i see a overly plump middle aged woman with lucite heels and dyed blonde hair wearing this. And then i am going to tranq it, tag it and release it back into its natural habitat- the trailor park.

Yeah obviously cheap vinyl but really CUTE and FUN cheap vinyl. i like it and that is all that matters here.

first reaction: Disgust -ewwww gross!
second reaction-Confusion -what is going on in the belly button area???
third reaction- acceptance -well not everyone can be an innie.

i do adore the image on this but if i actually bought it i think the lace border would be ripped off along with the price tags. Why? cuz lace is kinda over and poor hemming is no match for my ripped biceps.

Overalls, short overalls that give you moose knuckle. WTF wet seal WTF.

Red and SASSY! need i say more?

i just have three words - Gleaming the Cube
oh so you all werent early Christian Slater fans ok let me explain -no there is no time let me sum up. early 80's teen flick- skateboarders (tony hawk cameo) Christians adopted asian brother is killed and he must reject his skater lifestyle become a nerd and solve the crime. one of the sidekicks who worked at pizza hut wore this hat. what part of that association would a young happening Miss want? washed up slater fan? pizza hut? tony hawk trying to act? amaetur sleuth?

Hope you all enjoyed a snippet of what wetseal.com has to offer. And i leave you with this to enjoy for the rest of your day.


Sorry this Cinco de Mayo is more of a siesta. Am feeling nice and lazy after my mad pile of nachos that i scarfed for lunch.
If you are in the mood for something a bit more energetic check THIS out. i lurve it and am joining the fan club
I came across THIS too. Gothic and Lolita Japanese kids.

I know THIS has been around for a while but is still worth linking to. and i really like the partner site married to the sea.
THIS just never gets old.

I spent some time jazzing up the links on the sidebar. Now dont all go commenting at once about what a good job i did.


Office Space

After some reflection on my surroundings from yesterday i made some disoveries that would be keen-o to keep my condiment bowl company and at the very least make me happier while caged at work.

Do you think anyone would notice if i hauled this from my car up past all the badge scanners doors and up the stairs to my office? yeah me either. LINK

Finally a bonus to having a sliding glass patio-esque door on my office -THIS would sooo be perfect -not to mention hours of suction cup fun. LINK

Obv i need SOMETHING to keep me from EVER counting my condiments again. LINK

GIANT POST ITS?!?!?!?! this must be heaven!!!! imagine the markers that go with this!!!