Tighty Whites

In honor of Marky Mark's Oskar nod --one of his finest "acting" moments ;)



Missed Me?

Well i sure have missed you!

Blogger and I have just NOT been getting along very well lately! We are not talking divorce and we both still love you very much but blogger is going to go live out of a motel 6 for awhile.

Sooo did anyone else catch the premiere of Top Design on Bravo last night?? which aired at 11 for some shitty reason --there is quite the television chasm of worthlessness on weds from 9-11 actually went and read *gasp* a book until it came on. Obvs the same people who produce Project Runway are in charge of this show soo the formula of focusing on the winners and losers throughout made it soooo obvs who was going and who was staying. I know i will watch every episode but it just wont hold a firm grasp on my heart like Tim and Heidi. But if you combine the two it does come close the to (HIGHLIGHT) guest judge and unbeknownst client for the design -Alexis Arquette.

Look at her being such a serious judge -all sitting on stuff with a clipboard -Judicial GENIUS!!!

Doesn't her face just say "Yeah I KNOW totally Genius!"

It cannot be denied that She really is the top design of the show so far.

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