woot 4 day weekend!

why i am really excited for 4th of July -well that and the oppertunity to have a bar-b-q or something. I wont be back at my ice box of an office until weds. In the meantime here is some classic whitney houston

have a great weekend everyone.And dont forget to take in some of the fireworks ;)


Just Maybe the GREATEST

CAT PICTURE EVER!!! The teeth! the claws! soo FIERCE it just cant be denied its share of meat.
More kitty cat fun -Hitlercats

I have been rather busy at work and with school lately -and recovering from bday madness even though i have been showered with gifts and free meals my heart still wants MORE...

gawwd i want this necklace from Kimberly Baker soo soo bad. LINK

I also really love this one from On A Friday -LINK

Since i am not a total selfish brat I would like to dedicate this video of Richard Marx "Right Here Waiting For You" to my soulmate -you know who you are ;)


27 Candles

Wheres my black camero and pink guy???
its my birthday. wooooOOOooooOOOooot!
What i really really really want is a private preformance of this

(Do i remind you of the babe? the babe with the power?)

Time to figure out what bday gift i am giving to myself this year. . .

i really like these earrings from Lisa Levine but they are kinda out of the accessory price range

I soo dont have a white bag yet and i think this is really cute and only $40 from A-List

i also really like this tunic dress at Super Maggie
No pic since i am too lazy to deal with screencaps ;) so just check out the link

I think my favorite thing about birthdays is having an excuse to buy myself nice stuff without guilt (well much guilt anyways)
have got to wrap this up -Oskar is taking me to lunch now.



it is all steamy and hot out at the moment -kinda like the how your heart gets when it thinks of Patrick Swayze...

Had such a good time friday celebrating my bday. Will post pics i pwomise ;)
ooo before i forget check out this blog THE SNEEZE espcially the Steve dont eat it section. hilariously repulsive food product review and consumption.
oo and this is for Robin in celebration of her move to the big bad SF. LINK. Just want to make sure you have the essentials for living ;)
I cant promise that this wont terribly offend you Doing A Lynddie


weak dude weak

I know posting has been lame/weak this week but lots has been going on -big layoffs at work, started another class on weds, getting plans done for my birthday, a heat wave and just plain exaustion. . . . i know i know ok excuses excuses . . . alright truth is i got totally addicted to playing this card game called canfield and it was imperative that i play it nonstop for the past three days to an obsene point. To make up for my neglect i have put together another tragic mess of an outfit for all to mock and laugh at for the weekend
Ready? ok! and it goes a lil something like this. . .

See this is why the 80s had to happen to get away from 70s shit like this. I am getting a rash just thinking about the polyester content.

Cuz putting on leggings under a sheer skirt was just such a hassle in the past and gosh darn it leggings just dont have that scrunched up jog pant look that is just so appealing in the summer time. Thank goodness these Sheer Stretch Guachos are here to save the day.

Clog espadrilles. I dont know whether to cry or vomit over these shoes.

pulled from the description of this hat "The semi-circle bend towards the rear part of the brim on this hat allows room for a ponytail or bun." i thought this was a feature reserved for girls who wear baseball caps with some disney/WB chracter on them. ooo those cartoon chracters are gonna be mad at you angora blend triby-steppin all over their turf.

does anyone else see a bag of recycled pull tabs when they look at this purse? Only a hot mess like Kimberly Stewart could pull off this purse and by "pull off" i mean confuse this garbage with style

Well three cheers to the 15dollarstore.com for being such good sports with their horrendous offerings. **Just imagine this entire outfit could be yours for a the bargain basement price of $75 (excluding tax and S/H of course)

have a great weekend everybody -i know i will so try not to be jealous. ;)


it's Summer Baby!

In honor of the Summer Soltice
Billy Idol Hot in the City

Dont Wanna!

wahhhhhhhhh! I start another class tonight and i sooo dont wanna go! POOPIES!


The Tesh-my guru

I know i have a lot of god friends in my life but i cant help but imagine a world where John tesh was my best friend....

i would give my right arm to be that piano

While listening to the John tesh radio show (tesh.com) on the way home from the gym, i was LUCKY enough to catch a life changing segment of Inteligence for your Life, how to cut out high calorie drinks.
If black coffee is good enough for the tesher than gosh golly darnnit -it is certainly good enough for me. I may not have the willpower to cohost a entertainment show with mary hart but hopefully with the spirit of the tesh and one or two of his cds i will be able to cut out the sweet sweet calorie rish goodness of cream and sugar from my morning cuppa.

Now which do You prefer:
Blue John Tesh???

or Red John tesh???

Is almost impossible to choose but i think the blue just sets of the sparkle in the tesher's eyes like nothing else.

birthday plans

For all the bay area friends
Friday June 23 midnight showing of Boondock Saints at Pruneyard camera 7
be there to celebrate my 24th!!!!! woooooOOOoooot!

Here is the entire list of movies for the summer

Midnight Movies
It's back! Stay up late with us as Camera Cinemas, Metro and KSCU 103.3 FM proudly present MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS, showing a combination of new releases and cult favorites. The series screens Thursdays at 9:30pm in Los Gatos (most weeks), Friday midnights at Camera 7 Pruneyard and Saturday midnights at Camera 12 in downtown San Jose.

The summer lineup is as follows:

* June 15-17--THE PRINCESS BRIDE (1987)
* June 22-24--THE BOONDOCK SAINTS (1999)
* June 29-July 1--Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD II (1987)
* July 13-15--Paul Verhoeven's SHOWGIRLS (1995)
* July 21-22----CLERKS II (C7/C12 only)
* July 27-29--PINK FLOYD THE WALL (1982)
* August 10-12--Tim Burton's CORPSE BRIDE (2005)
* August 18-19--SNAKES ON A PLANE (C7/C12 only)
* August 24-26--TRON (1982)
* Aug 31-Sep 2--Bruce Lee in ENTER THE DRAGON (1973)

Tickets for all seats are only $7.00, and every screening features special guest appearances, free giveaways, and other mad hook-ups, including concert tickets, t-shirts, DVDs, CDs, and rare movie posters.


TIme to max out the credit cards

Bunch of stuff that i like at Realm Dekor.com

I can imagine a zillion possibilites for these tea light holders. the top bit comes off and whatev you desire can be put inside or used as a vase or used as a candle holder. Love it when they make it easy to customize and personilize $50 for pair LINK

it is way easy to find an infinite number of cool lights, lamps etc on the web but this one just struck me for it organized chaos -the lamp itself looks like deconstructed lightbulbs $70 LINK

can a vase be bad ass??? cuz for only $18 bucks getting three inter-connected lil globes is just rad. even though the colored water reminds me of a horrible science fair project from the third grade involving food coloring and carnations, i still dig it. LINK

i basically want every T-shirt from Spraygraphic
and i should really get them all to get over my black tank top love affair.

was telling oskar about this at lunch today. A lock for pint of ice cream that has a number combo to open it... is there really anyone that NEEDS ice-cream NOW that is going to be deterred by this when a butter knife will rip a nice hole in the top in about 7 seconds??? yeahhh i doint think so either.

-----> added a bunch of design links to the right ----> -----> ---->



Just the tip of the iceberg. .

The Charles Davids i already own but need to replace. While i am not really into repeats of shoes, these purple babies are such a dream and on sale for only $60 at zappos.. .

The Charles Davids that i want to own. Is it wrong that i find the words magenta snakeskin dead sexy???

The Charles Davids that make me want to vomit. These shoes remind me of a bad billy crystal movie buckles -what a great idea lets for with it and then there is the point were you stand back from all the details and see what a busted mess it all is.

So last season Kenneth Coles but ever since i tried on some orange strappy sandals at macys this past weekend these came back to mind as the orange shoes i really would love to own.

what every fairy princess is wearing while frolicking in the enchanted forest this summer. well what all the rich fairy princesses are wearing since these *cough cough* designer shoes are $310.

I am soo on the hunt for a pair of brown wedge sandals with an ankle strap. without being to chunky of course. I am always up for a wardrobe challenge

If i really cared about my feet at all i would throw some mmoney down on some flats. For the days when my feet simply cant deal with another pair of heels my only options are my brown pumas or a pair of slightly grotty black flip flops. Not really chic in any case. hard to go shoe shopping with the frame of mind of what i need as opposed to what i want and come home with something other than a new pair of new balance sneakers.


Hey Cutie whats your name?

Obviously i will sooner stop breathing before i stop wanting more STUFF!

If ever there was a shirt that summed up my love-style in 4 words this is it!
Only $26 at shop intuition LINK

Dog tags without being so rigid -like tags on vacation now if only i could find a cool version of the allergy/med bracelets that were so en vogue when i was in fourth grade. . .$50 at elsewares LINK

I just adore this red bag. Not really my style but something about the sleek retro -ness of it all makes me want to put on a swinging dress and go dancing. $50 at elsewares. LINK

I am also dying a small death over these large wall prints at Design public. check them out HERE since they wont let me post a pic of them

Cool style site worth checking out OMIRU.com
If you like LOST and you kinda liked the LLAMA song then this is soooo for you LINK
Bush approval Ratings Map HERE

STRONG BAD cartoons so kickass! LINK

Am putting together a summer shoe extravaganza-hopefully for weds if blogger and zappos cooperate ;)


Not Ready for the Circus

Not only can i kinda still do cartwheels I can also make craptastic flipbooks. Check it out

i totally hurt my abs yesterday-it is all hunter's fault for not spotting me. He is soo selfish sometimes.. .
If you want to make you own flipbook go HERE


Last Night a DJ saved my Life

but this morning i just want to die. Was such an awesome time at club 1984 last night and if it was for the strong hit of caffeine and choco muffin from starbucks i think my face would be melding to my keyboard right about now.

The music-rad!
the crowd-totally tripendicular!
the dancing-truly outrageous!
pic is for Tina who spazzed out when Faith started playing. Hard to say what was my favorite but the addl bathrooms they have put in were appreciated just as much as the great 80s dance music ;)

In more current times
Why i <3 Jon Stewart to death!



I know this is going to be a toal rush job since i am off in 25 and blogger was down all afternoon. Doesnt really matter since all i really have is a bunch fo random shit for y'all to relish.

Video of Lil Bunny Foo Foo

Link for the LLama song HERE
Dice ring -cool idea but it just looks like something you could pick up at Home Depot for 22 cents.

yeah so thats all the fun i have for you today. By the way i am rocking my new tunic black tank top from forever 21 -i could almost die from how stylish i am sometimes. Anyone out there feel the same way?? ;)


What a Beastly Day!

um anyone turning 13 today??? actually has been like a day of summer vacation rather than a day from hell
Morning started with some lite voting a lil Arco stop for cheap(est) gas ($3.13) in town and some gourmet fresh coffee. I was actually hoping to be running late to work because our system can be relied on to fail every tuesday morning until at least 10. At least we were all prepared with magazines and even a laptop to watch 50 first dates. Hence the adam sandler pics.

the day flew by while i did a marathon of word mines Ooo and some work here and there of course. To celebrate the mark of the beast i had a burrito with my mom al fresco. Were not only did my mom have my blacks slacks that she hemmed for me but also my brother gifted me seriously all the snap-off blade supplies i could ever dream of.

If he thinks this counts as a birthday gift (T-21 days) it will actually pathetically be the only time he has ever remembered. So what do i really want for my brithday?? Not sure yet but THIS is giving me some ideas. ;)

Hope everyone is having a bedeviled day!


the mall

Had a magical shopping day at Valley Fair yesterday. Sundays were so made for the mall. Even though Carol and I were only there for like an hour and a half i managed to do some damage to the bank account. I got a white t from brass plum that i am wearing right now and most exciting that i didnt spill any coffee on it this morning. I should know better than to mix morning were i hit the snooze button 4 times with a new white shirt but whoever said i learned from my mistakes?!?!?
i also got this tank top that stretched to a dress if i was still my slutty 22 yr old self. But now that i am almost a mature 24 (by mature i mean for the 4th time now) it will be worn over jeans/slacks. this is the LINK for it but it looks way lumpy and ugly so i refuse to post the pic on my blog.
Unforch my work comp is still a lil punk and i cant pull up the pic of the cute dress i got at express. it is really sweet and simple and summery black cotton with braided straps without being all stretchy and annoying. oh and ON SALE wooot. maybe i will post a pic of me in it but i doubt it.
My sister on the other had bought a three dollar headband. The mall cant be lucky for us all all the time i spose.

in other news
who i totally have yet to get a gift for so this will have to suffice in the meantime