Heidi just cant say No

Oh magic was in the air on last nights episode of Project Runway.
The designers actually got along, Uli was making jokes that were funny and Tim was sashaying through the workroom with his usual good cheer and parental support of the designers. And the icing on the serendipity cake was that NONE of the last FOUR got kicked off. The jaded lil devil that sits on my shoulder believes that this is because bravo was going to shell out the money for all four to do a line so might as well get more air time out of it. but this lil imp also told me that it was okay to shoplift Kool aid when i was 9 so lets not listen to it anymore.

Woot Woot Uli gets a win.

Laura gets by with another pretty deep V dress.

As the most hetero male this show has seen, Michael struggles with the concept that the womens wants the boobies contained.

Sighhhh. No jeffrey no you dont do romantic. At all.



Beyond watching bad daytime tv and exercising like a fiend lately, I have found some other joys and delights to fill up my wasteland hours whilst sans job. Besides painting my magazine rack black, hanging a curtain rod to replace a row of pushpins and starting to make jewelry again I have just finished reading Family and other accidents by Shari Goldhagen (LINK) - i really liked it -easy read without being chick lit but i tend to go for family stories from the guy perspective because there are far far fewer lengthy paragraphs and 4-syllable adjetives about how stuff smells and the crispness of the air descriptive bullshit.
One of my favorite indulgences while being free during the work day is going to bookstores and reading books and mags for free. Grabbed an issue of Ready Made while piling up a load of house and design mags to browse through. yeah it is totally hipster but at least more informative than the latest Cosmo. (
Now it is time for some coffee ice cream and some bad nighttime tv. ;)


Once Twice Threeeee Times the Auf

After but a moments respite from Vincent and Angela a horrible new twist brought these two crazies back onto the runway. All former challenge winners were allowed to come back and have a shot (GASP!) at staying if they won this challenge. Out of all that talent to reflect upon who was booted and to realize that the only other challange winners were these two. Them? really? huh. Lets let the black and white cocktail party begin. . .

AUUUUUUUUUUUFFFFFF! ohh Kayne I actually quite liked you dress. And that the back was totally unique however there just wasnt enough white to please the ambiguious criteria of the judges. Now go call up robert and have a playdate.

AUF DUEX! was there even a remote chance of Angela pulling of a win??? as likely as her not dressing like a fairy tale princess toddler.

Another one bites the dust. Oskar and i let out simultaneous gags when Vincent let another "it gets me off" fly -just go away already -you are not a designer and your model is not a hooker please get this straight already!

WINNER! Yippeeeee Preggers Laura won a challenge. Fetus Power! Really cute and well done

Michael -super chic -i didnt like the folky flower crap on the belt but other than that -totally bitchin.

Jeffrey this just looks like a joke. a cheap forever 21 wet seal of a joke.

Uli -again i really liked it. fuck the naysayers Uli you are a genius.


Turned Off

Ohhh Coutoure gowns in Paris -what fun!

FINALLY no more having to hear creepy vincent say what gets/turns/does it for/with/on him/self. this was an arts and crafts mess.

christ jeffrey won again. hated it from top to bottom. plaid and yellow two of my worst enemies.

oh Michael Michael Michael que horror!

Oskar and i agreed that Kaynes was pretty damn great. The judges are just to uptight to see his campy genius ;)

ohh soo close Uli -This is the one i wanted to win sooo soo pretty!

Gawd i really thought the judges would have been asshats enough to kick Laura off for this dress. It was supremely awful once it got back to NYC. I hope she doesnt sabotage herself in the future cuz she is one of the best.


Flight delayed

I know this is rather late but i was in vegas and prep for that just took over my whole thursday. The only truly memorable thing is that FINALLY no-talent angela got kicked auf. about freaking time.

eeeeee silk linen well duh of course you got ripped apart for that one...and hopefully the folks back home have prepared a fluerette intervention it is just sorry at this point.

IEEEEE!!!!! elvis or not i adored this look. Kayne is given too much crap by everyone at least he is unique.

cant believe vincent didnt design some asinine hat for himself. maybe he is over his crazy phase.

I loooooooved this soo much. and was truly amazed there wasnt a wrinkle after a flight to paris. tres chic

Uli in Uli is kinda maybe too much Uli.

it is just too 80s micheal jackson for me. but in puff daddy white.

ugh jeffrey finaly won and what a gracious winner he is. he can stay down here at the bottom of the heap.

But what a nice new twist to have the designers in a different country! wonder what paris challenges they will have to face.