Flight delayed

I know this is rather late but i was in vegas and prep for that just took over my whole thursday. The only truly memorable thing is that FINALLY no-talent angela got kicked auf. about freaking time.

eeeeee silk linen well duh of course you got ripped apart for that one...and hopefully the folks back home have prepared a fluerette intervention it is just sorry at this point.

IEEEEE!!!!! elvis or not i adored this look. Kayne is given too much crap by everyone at least he is unique.

cant believe vincent didnt design some asinine hat for himself. maybe he is over his crazy phase.

I loooooooved this soo much. and was truly amazed there wasnt a wrinkle after a flight to paris. tres chic

Uli in Uli is kinda maybe too much Uli.

it is just too 80s micheal jackson for me. but in puff daddy white.

ugh jeffrey finaly won and what a gracious winner he is. he can stay down here at the bottom of the heap.

But what a nice new twist to have the designers in a different country! wonder what paris challenges they will have to face.


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