I want IT NOW!!!

and what is this it that I want? At this very moment? right now in fact-well it is to be able to see my posts published on my blog. Due to my computer's fundamentalist Christian nature to try and teach me the righteous joys of delayed gratification-I am suffering from not be able to see my posts. While a number of efforts have been made to rectify this (including a blood drawn contract with the devil) my computer is resisting all of my dark side efforts to get this up and pretty for me to preview before my public sees it. Ah well at least I still have my soul. . .
All though I am not too sure about my foresight these days. The other bane of my existence- my half-finished beaded shirt got worn out of pure desperation for clean clothing the other day. I get very inventive in my quest to put off doing laundry as long as my jeans can stand it (if only I could trade my soul in for a mute housekeeper to handle this for me. . . hmm def worth considering) Anyways shirt was worn, hamper was full, I had no more excuses so beaded shirt went into the wash. Now I tend to be a pretty confident person so my sewing skills didn't came under too much scrutiny while I threw this shirt in the washer. Sure I hesitated a second but really couldn't put the effort to re-evaluate this plan -If any beads fell off they would just hang out in the bottom til I retrieved them. Well after that load was done and tossed into the dryer and no loss beads were found I thought all was gonna be dandy. That is until I pulled everything out of the dryer and heard a tiny death of 5 of them falling down the lint trap. This just goes to show how much time I have on my hands because with the aid of a flashlight, a foot long screwdriver and some duct tape I went about the process of fishing them out. In retrospect this would have gone a lot faster if all that extra lint didn't instantaneously detract from the sticking power of the duct tape and if I hadn't really gone crazy about getting them all out including the last one which was broken anyway. While not quite as much fun as one of the claw games with the stuffed animals I did leave with some lovely parting prizes-a bonus black pen, a quarter and the drawstring from my gray sweatpants that I thought was lost a month ago. Who needs heaven when I have found such glory at the bottom of my lint trap???


Throwing In The Towel

As of this moment the previously mentioned beaded shirt project is over--not finished but has met a premature death that i do not care to attemp craft project CPR on. My fancy has passed on this one. However we are not viewing this as a failure but as a bold, character building attempt on my part to use those gynormous beads i bought in a moment of weakness and greed from eBay. sigh these things they happen. Anyways this weekend has been totally chill and great. Got to meet up with my old high school chum Stefania, much to my suprise we were able to get together for lunch and window shopping. She is all ready pressing me for a salsa dancing commitment-apparently i can see past short and unattractive when it can move well across a dance floor. I would have thought from my lack of dating and relationships would show that commitment of any kind just rolls of me (what can i say i like being teflon and single). I also made a quick run to Watsonville. I had to teach some surf perch a lesson. Fishing is almost fun when you have someone else to cart the stuff around and dig up the slimy sand crabs as bait. And just because i have the bragging rights i would like to tell one and all that I KICKED MATT"S ASS AT WAR!!!! (and Scrabble and Fan Tam) So petty of me and yet soo satifying to have that posted. I would just like to end by saying Love True Love will follow you forever. (did i mention i caught half of the Princess Bride this morning???)


Hot Bod here I come

I am on my way to fitness. I WENT HIKING TODAY. and in this god awful hot weather too. watch out public i will be trim and slim in no time. Since i whetted your appetites about this yesterday I fell obliged to keep you updated on this story.
Try not to die of excitment until these are out. Sorry this post is going to be short-i need to change out of this halter top i am wearing. It is straining my neck. Laters. L


SHIT think SHIT think

I am soo sorry I hadn't realized how long it has been since i have written-this is an unprecedented amount of time with nothing new from me. I will strive to get another meaningless temp position as soon as possible to ensure a fresh and tasty post more regularly. Apologizes aside it is time to discuss the newest and earthshaking piece of art to come from our favorite avante garde R & B singer. the Trapped in the closet series by r kelly is not be missed. This is what three months of my favorite soap from back in the day, One Life to Live would be without commercials. IT is just THAT GOOD! and not to mention that full of over contrived plot twists and reject actors. While most of us know this by nature it must be said for the poor songwiters out there -it doesnt matter if it rhymes -inner dialouge doesn't make for a hit ten minute song. I suggest a search for the lyrics (don't act like you have more inportant stuff to do). I would put a link but coudnt find a site that had more than one part at a time. Try to keep up with this topic change from the highly entertaining to the highly dissappointing. I am soo pissed at esprit right now! i got this trite email in response for my demands to purchase a jacket online. The bitches claim to be sold out of it. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU SELL OUT OF A JACKET IN SUMMER!?!?!? i am not buying it for a second. GOddammit this was supposed to be my birthday gift to myself. RAGE!!! TEARS!!! UNWAIVERING ANGER & RESENTMENT!!! No wonder all their US stores and to shut down. (did i mention that i am also a little BITTER about this situation?) I am putting a voodoo hex on them until this matter is resolved. . . or until i find something else to tempt my ever diminishing bank account. My piece of mind is only slightly mollified by the present my mommy got me this weekend. A car full of Vidunas and bonus Vernon went to the Palo Alto Glass and Pottery fair on sunday. I got some awesome cool plates. Love LOVe LOVE them. Definitely the best fair to ogle stuff without having to see a single garden sign made out of an old roof shingle or a landscape painting on a rusty saw blade.


FN Luxury

So I may not have a job, or my own place or a boyfriend but what I do have makes up for all the voids in my life right now. I have the most awesome hairdresser. Janessa kicked ass on my hair today. She is nothing short of brilliant. I think Bravo should kick Jonathon off the air and start promoting the shit out of this little star of my universe. Tonight is another rendezvous at the Dive bar for a mid-week celebration because 26 years ago the earth was blessed with a gift and her name is Jennifer Winn. HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY BABYFACE!!!!! I lurves you to death despite your unoriginal third consecutive outing to the Dive bar. So now that we are reaching another year of wisdom and experience ,it is time for a gentle reminder of all the life lessons that we have forgotten at the bottle of our beer bottles. To keep up the surreal knowledge of it all this is in Spanish so don't freak when you do not immediately understand-Just follow the crap animation and take notes. http://www.infonegocio.com/xeron/mamut.html
Thrill upon Thrills I am going to Sonoma with Katie tomorrow. So if you do not hear from me -the wine and free cheese did me in.


On the Verge of Being Obscene

Even though they jacked up the prices, I am still in love with 1984 night at the Cat Club. The gay bartenders, the hell's angels bouncers, the sweet 80's tunes and the best crowd of oddities in the world. It all makes the layers of sweat and grime at the end of the evening worth it. I am also trying not to harbor any ill feelings about never hearing my request for Wild Boys by Duran Duran. It was great that everyone who remembered their IDs was able to swing and sway with me for my birthday. Most excellent. Last night was a swim at DIVE bar in downtown SJ. I of course dug the water theme but alas no Sandstorm to do up the night right. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Janelle Shakira-style! and with no less fanfare HAPPY FIRING Janess! all the better to start the as-of-yet unnamed salon in Los Gatos. Open for business Tuesday so bring your split ends and 2 inch roots on down to the ex-Sirens. In sadder news, Carol is moving out this weekend. I guess it is for the best-i don't get the privledge of sharing my make-up with her anymore Damn! Oh and if anyone is available I got a room in Vegas next weds and thurs and need someone to go with since the punk-ass whose idea it was to go in the first place totally backed out on me. Cheers!