Some Spring Lovliness

Have decided to quit job as cubicle monkey and dedicate my life to becoming a purty purty flower...my new career wardrobe and office supplies

Sahara Dress with Print - Fuscia
Price: $142.00 HERE

Gorgeous Rosy Flower Ring with Swarovski Crystal Center
$28.00 HERE

French Bull "Barcelona" dinner platter (melamine so it will weather the storms and bloom even in winter) is only $16 HERE

And to bring the bees to the honey my new favorite scent
Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange
is delicious can buy it HERE or at Elephant Pharmacies where i got mine

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So now what?

Am def feeling a little deflated after the holiday weekend. Went to Capsule fair-weather was real crap but i got a shirt so that balances out nicely. I dont have anything to look forward to. Am in a rut of work and school and yoga classes...is depressing having no fun planned for the sunny california days ahead. And to add to the blahness of these days, blogger templates dont have a nice and easy switch to a 3-col format which i am coveting and if i try and update changes all the loverly pics and graphs and shit in my current sidebar get disappeared! not cool blogger soo not cool. But in the meantime i have dropped a bunch of new links so go check them out and hopefully they can offer some more inspiration than what i am offering today.


ohhh finally a holiday

Have had massive ridiculous system issues at work and it has seriously been stiffling my personal internet usage (hence no posting) ... and to make up for it is a mash up of bookmarks -i know weak but its the best i got at the moment
sometimes i wonder if is should just start a blog called I Wish Someone Would Buy Me This -since that is the theme of my "window shopping"

Rococo Wall Decals set of 8 for $58 from Chiasso LINK
sooo much easier than wallpaper and easier is always better.

time for a musical interlude...
Tiga "You gonna want me"

Athena earrings from We Dream in Color for $28 LINK

Think these are just the perfect sundress accessory
now if only i had a sundress...

Mia Vase $58-68 mirrored vases soo simple and yet dont think i have ever seen any before LINK

Awwww isnt that cute
Little lion amigurumi $20 LINK

Rebel Yell - Women's Snap Petal Sleeve Top $80 (yeah too spensive for my bank account really really really hope someone will buy me this though size L K thanx Bai)

Hottest back-up singers of ALL TIME

geisha neckalce from Paper Jewels for $68 LINK
Wickedly unique but in that sweet demure kinda way

Finally something i did actually buy myself...
Nine West Chitty from zappos....kinda want every color now even the leopard

Time wasters of the Week
Passive-Aggressive Notes LINK

The Best Page in the Universe LINK

Billy Zane thinks You're Gross LINK

LOLPresidents LINK

Have a fun and safe Holiday Weekend
and dont forget Capsule Street Fair on Sunday..is going to be awesome



If it ain't broke

you must be in someone else's house.
I am about to throw in the handywoman towel, hang up the toolbelt and spend the rest of my free time drinking beer in front of the tv while the house falls down around me.

Whats one tiny little broken garbage disposal. Really insignificant not even worth being embarrassed about. So the kitchen sink backs up and since this has been on the to fix list for about 2 months. It is almost like a new pet that we have to care for and tend to.
So fifteen feet away from a sink that wont drain is a water heater that yearns to be a faucet. Tricky bastard has started leaking and after about a week it totally stopped. Lesson learned: water heaters are not like paper cuts or having the flu -no such thing as self healing in the appliance world. Leak is back with a vengance. My new evening routine is to drag the sopping wet towels from around it out to the backyard to dry off and lay out new ones to soak up the slooooow leak from it. nothing but a life of glamour for me.
did you feel that earthquake on sunday?? me either. my sister mentioned it to me once i got home. Didnt give it any thought until the next night when i get home to hear about the leaking toilet. Piddling lil 4.2 quake had caused 2 cracks in the corners of the toilet tank....and a massive puddle on the floor.(this is where i stomped up and down and let out a couple of shit fuck shitty fucks)
Am beginning to see the charm of a house without running water...
Thank god my brother is out of school for a while and can attend to all these repairs. Fingers crossed that this weekend everything will get replaced and that Home Depot is having a memorial day lets give Laura a break sale.

Am most annoyed about all this home mantainence crap since i would rather be putting my energies towards replacing the awful flickering kitchen lights and stripping out the faded wallpaper in the tv room. Le sigh at least the fridge is still chilling my emergancy supply of comfort beer.

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something cute for monday

From Etsy shop LINK
Art by Joe Havasy 2 8 x10 prints of a cloud who's in love with a sheep. Sometimes I wonder if clouds are really just fluffy sheep with balloons tied to them...

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Food Network here i come

what do you get when you combine mad culinary skill with the food palette of a 6 yr old??
I made this masterpiece last night and just have to share it with the world...
started out as most of my breakfast burritos do:
tater tots in oven
giant flour tortilla with sharp cheddar cheese
and this is where the a stroke of genius took over. When i was foraging in the fridge for onion i cam across some spicy italian sausage left over from pizzza making adventure.
i decided to pursue my first instinct of "damn this would be awesome in my burrito"
decased and cut into chunks it went into the pan...as it was sizzling away i had a major dilemma: cook onion and eggs in same pan or get a new one????
really the answer was obvious:
When life gives you spicy italian sausage grease, make fried eggs
Now this is where technique and practice really pay off
after sausage was put on top of the cheese and once the eggs were added with a liberal amount of peppar and salt -burrito had to be wrapped a lil while the tots finished cooking
(Ugly Betty break)ohh oven buzzzzzzerrrr!
slapped tots into burrito and doused with the Queen of Condiments Le Ketchup
and we all know that the meals which you cant put down once you start for fear that the whole thing will explode apart are truly the very best meals
i am still in glee of how awesome/disgusting this was and i keep reminding myself that i do have one more ital sausage in fridge...

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Wonders of Test Piggy

I sometimes wish someone was sitting next to me taking dictation of the frantic phone calls i recieve from my younger sister when i am at work.
this was the gist of yesterdays...

TP: Laaaaaauraaaaa
(from the exaggerated pronounciation of my name i smell something is up)
Me: what is it?
TP: ummmmm I think my flight leaves tonight.....(as in monday night)
(internal groan -the number of times i have heard her say she leaves late tues early weds i thought she actually knew what she was talking about)

After some discussion we agree that yessss 12:something or other AM def means mon night.

TP: why do i always mess this up??
Me: i dont know
TP: more incoherent whining noises I guess i will try and change the flight

end of conversation #1

After a bit she calls back
TP: I cant change the flight
Me: well then get the tomorrow off work. Can you do that??
TP: yessssss

and this is the point were i KNOW she is calling for me to do the big sister thing. Her lil head has gotten overwhelmed by this one snag and now she is in the beginning of slight panic mode.....

Me: Call your friend and let her know. Leave a message with her Mom, see if you can get the hostel info, call about your rides, double check when you are getting back, have you packed yet?? go home at lunch and back...
TP: okaaaaaay
Me: I have no sympathy for you about this. You do this every time.
TP: I know (exboyfriend) used to take care of this
Me: well obviously he isnt around anymore and this is really your responsibility
TP: i know i know
Me: You need to realize that you are bad at this and make a better effort to confirm the actual time fo your flights

Seriously the number of phone calls where i end up being a walking moral to an afterschool special.

This is for the 9yr old stuck inside the 25yr old Test Piggys body... the one in charge of flight info and remembering bad TV from out youth.

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Made redundant

soo nice on a monday morning that for once i dont have to hurt my brains trying to think of something mildly entertaining for my 3 readers to enjoy. My brother Jimmy Jimmy Cocoa Pop sent me these and they are just golden! (if golden means a level more disturbing and uncomfortable than the real Michael Jackson)

Chiru covering Thriller


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It's like Free but with paying

"If a headband is your daily accessory, you might as well be wearing a bonnet."
I thought this was the perfect way to start off a MASSIVE post on T-shirts. It has been a very dull and sloow week at work so i was able to dedicate about 6 hours yesterday to online window shopping.

I went here:
and here
Shirt Snob LINK
and here too
Pop Thirteen LINK

and all that took me to soo much more....
Quixote clothing LINK
There just are NOT enough sites with goat shirts and turkey pins

Uneetee LINK
Their Motto: one day, one artist, one cool shirt.
Their MO: kick ass original you cant resist
My fav from the collection

Oddica LINK
oooo May sale 1 for $20

get this one... oh wait two for $32

get this one too ohhhh wait 3+ is only 16 apiece

And here is the point were just looking turned into i am only going to get a couple ...
These next two are from the sale bin at Cotton Factory LINK

State slogan shirts OUT state Apocalypse IN

This one is for Test Piggy and is also were i would like to place a fat HARRUMPH on this site for making all the girl shirts 3 dollars more. Such a rude way to do business.

These next ones are from Poison Apple LINK
My first reaction to this site was "i WANT it ALL" as i clasped my hands under my chin and my eyes got bigger and bigger. i conservatively got 2.

And the guy (we'll call him Mark since that is his real name and all) who owns & operates Poison Apple def wins in superstar customer service award for sending me 3 emails in an hour about the 1 question i had.
Mark here is your award: ****SUPER*STAR****

Disappointment of the DAY
really really wanted to get a shirt from THIS site but wasnt able to create an account on line. Am still going back and forth with there customer service to figure this out. Unforch have yet to get any helpful suggestions to solving this problem. Whatta tease they are, lots of great designs, lots of great charities and limited runs. am getting sad just thinking about it.

Lets not end on a bad note
this will lift the spirits
Pics of hot girls with Douchebag Guys

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Had the most awful awkward moment with my coworkers yesterday.
After having a lil company lunch at the Chilis, I was driving us all back over the bridge. I was in a blissful state, basking in the glory of the BEST damn awesome blossom i had ever had when one of my coworkers starts taking about the posh new shuttles she takes between campuses. The are pimped out with TVS and shit and Oprah was on the other day....with a woman whos husband videotaped beating the crap out of her. And if that wasnt awful enough coworker then goes on to say "i grew up with that no way am i going to put up with it now"
(uncomfortable silence for next two minutes)
"sooooo how many kids does (our supervisor) have???" that was the best new topic i could come up with.

Moral of this episode: turn radio too loud for casual conversation once co-workers are drunk on burgers and fries.

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Heat Wave

heat is making me feel like a sleepy lil pig.

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Weekend Splurge

I'm like a shopping shark... if i stop buying i will die.
I picked these lovelies up at the De Young Museum after seeing the Vivianne Westwood exhibit.

I got the tray and the plates and now that i have found the site for Rosanna inc i may be getting the whole set.

So very prosh white porcelain with 24-karat gold detail. I am helpless to resist anything with crowns it just speaks to my regal soul.


Design n Pattern n Stuff

too tired for commentary today but here is this weeks bookmark clean up and out....

Not your mother's dots

Squirel Log stacking toy
When it falls you have to yell "Timber" how cute is that?!?!

Bling Ring LINK

stainless steel cups reflects distorted writing on plate (fancy word for this: anamorphic)


Just a couple of fun pattern and color sites:
K10K Pixel Patterns LINK

Print & Pattern Blog LINK

Colora Trend Colors LINK

Weekend Plans
Tonight-Freeze at the Giants vs Phillies game
I am just going for the garlic fries ;)

Cinco De Mayo-drinking starts at 5 getting take out from dive mexican place around the corner and since everyone is mexican for a day(or at least can use google translator for a day) el beber empieza 5 que consiguen toma hacia fuera de lugar mexicano de la zambullida alrededor de la esquina
Sunday-De young museum for Vivian Westwood exhibit LINK


For Oskar's Eyes only

"What better present for the person who has everything than a poignant reminder that they want for nothing? "

heee remember oskar remember??
Def a better reminder than being pushed screaming and crying out of the ikea while being beat with a purse strap by your mom as she says "You want for NOTHING!!!"


Made Me Laugh

I thought it would be pure fun to share with you some of the innocent links i have stumbled across while not having any intention of being funny or comical, made me laugh out loud.
and to not spoil the fun i will let you all click on these links and discover the joy for yourself....

pretty much everything from wigs.com is inherantly odd but THIS is just golden.

From amazon.com, so versatile, soo fluid, soo poetic -everyone needs one of THESE

Ballet shoes from punitive shoes LINK
(did you look at the legs?!?!)

THESE bike seat covers are cute but i was snickering once i imagined them on while someone was riding around.