Always Have ONE Thing

In an effort to find another way to judge my self worth, i have installed a hit counter on this blog. I realize that at least a third of the total will just be me checking that everything looks copasetic. I also am aware that this may be a bigger disaster than my adsense experiment but I DO NOT FEAR FAILURE!!! Because i know the secret to inner conidence-guru Jonathan has taught me all i need to know to get by when all the shit is stressing you out and no one has your back and your success and reputation are on the line:
Step 1: Just grab a mirror
Step 2: Gaze at your beautiful reflection of perfect face and excellent hair
Step 3: With conviction say " I always have this. No matter what!" (repeat if needed)
Step 4: Feel inner peace and cinfidence wash over self.


Treadmill & the Beast

So i WOKE up (WIde Freakin AWAKE) at 4 this morning -shit happens you know soo my insane lil head thought "What the fuck lets go work out!" and my body debated this til about 5:15 am when i actually got up and went. And damn it all if i wasnt lucky enough to get onto a tred mill that was next to a section of mirrored wall that jutted out so i had a side angle view of myself. It was like being caught in the bermuda triangle of gym equipment, seeing myself red, panting, sweat streaming down my face, ridiculously pathetic running speed and form, messed up ponytail and flab flopping all around and all the while KNOWING that THIS is what EVERYONE behind me was SEEING TOO!!!!! i am soo thankful that there is not a huge 5:30 workout crowd (go figure!!) and hence my disgusting self did not burn many eyes this morning. (plus i was only bobbing around like a lame fool for 23 mins -i rushed to the back of the gym after that ordeal to shrink my ass on the elliptical stair master machine thing) In order to make up for my grotesque work-out image, I am extra cute and adorable in my brown boots, jeans and lil brown t-shirt with the side tie. Oh and i almost forgot the extra crusty, lovely wavy hair (excellent armor against any fashion nay-sayers)
Despite some major physical exhaustion this morning, I still have plenty of energy to HATE HATE HATE my new space heater. I AM MAD AS HELL AND NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE! damn thing is getting returned tonight!!! (public service announcement: avoid the ones with thermostats. just trust me on this)


Career Women

Lots of Luck and New Job wishes go out to carol -she is interviewing tomorrow!!!
She has the special black pleather resume holder-hard not to be liked when sporting that in an interview! So fierce so fierce!
I am hoping to continue my crazy experiment called working out.
was absolutely horrified by the sight of my ass this morning-i need to do more to avoid the danger of EVER being described as large and in charge. i will run i will run i will run off my big bun (catchy huh??)


God enough for YOU???

I have been contemplating my own omnipotence lately (all -knowing, all-seeing all-powerfulness) and have after careful consideration of all the evidence i have no choice but to conclude that Yes Yes I AM OMNIPOTENT!!!
I kickass at this.
I got this bag for $40 in a lovely blue color i have been lusting after for months.
i knew without being told that jennifer selected mariah carrey "Shake it off" as her ringtone
and here is the last bit of unrefutable evidence :
Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Today is an excellent opportunity to make a gamble on someone feeling the way you think he or she truly feels. Your intuition about a person's desires and accomplishments are so accurate, it will be as if you had inside information.


Sexum for some Hexum

I realize i have always had an unnatural yearning for 311. Quite devoted -even willing to overturn my hatred of the cure to enjoy their cover of "Love Song". Willing to get ridiculously sunburnt and be late for my own birthday dinner in order to see them preform on a pier. I own all their cds (have even replaced the ones that have gotten scratched to shit). And those dear to me understand this devotion of mine. Which makes it hurt soo bad that now that Carol is unemployed and has all the time in the world that she has completely refused to spend all day calling into channel 104.9 to get me tickets to see them at The Blank Club. UNBELIEVABLE! You make someone a little sister and they shit all over you!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY! (it was yesterday but soon enough)


Eye of the Beholder

Look what i can do. (by the way it is a tiger) I know a picture is worth a thousand words but unfortunatly my artistic skill is best summed up by "Preschool" and "Crappy".
Our thoughts and McDonalds prayers go out to Carol embarking on a new job hunt. (why won't they all just FFffade away???) Your umeployment collage is on its way. Bit of a back up since Jennifers is lacking a certain something to finish it off (maybe it needs a mouse drawing of a tiger)


You Know you have a Problem. . .

this just strikes me as too desperate for words. I am not one to preach about vices -i have aplenty but good lord -Control yourself man!

News of my world: KT is back in the country cannot wait to get caught up on all the latest Gilmore Girls episodes (I SAID i had vices, didn't I???) Had a delightful IM conversation with Reg this morning and her time in Ireland is being extended -just what she wanted so that is cool. Baja-somewhere is in the works for Christmas so anyone wanting/willing to drive for 10+ to avoid relatives, let me know. I joined a gym (24 Hour fitness) with Jennifer last night. I even packed my workout shit to go tonight -talk about commitment any bets on when this will fall by the wayside? a week, 19 days, 3 months???) I am just hoping to reclaim my HOT BOD from back in the day. Back in the day when i was thin, I'm not thin anymore, but somedays i sit and wish i was a size 8 again. (i tried to find the rest of the lyrics to parady but to no success)


Back to Purple Basics

Done! Gone! Death to the adsense! ADS?!?! We don't need no stinkin' ads! I am declaring victory over sullying my precious space with ugly and inconvienent and ridiculously unprofitable ads -I can make just as much by searching my couch cushions on a monthly basis. Besides my friends dont need to see that shit and feel obligated to click. I have come to my senses and realized that readers are here to read about me -why should i compete for attention on my own blog??? Speaking of me newly acquired blog standards - i was having some fun the other day clicking on the next blog button on blogger which randomly starts giving you blog after blog to peruse and i came to the realization that compartively speaking -MINE KICKS ASS!!! (i had just wrongly been comparing myself to trent or the manolo and that is just apples and oranges really -well in my case plums)
Aside from a rejuvenating attitude of egotism with my blog, this week has been pretty tame. I did go out to lunch everyday this week -which directly correlates to me interst in joining a gym (in case you are curious Mon: KFC with coworkers, Tues: Premier Pizza with mom, Weds: Google caf with Anya, Thurs: Mondo burrito with Jennifer, Fri: Taxi burgers with coworkers) I had such healthy intentions too brought a salad to work and it has been sitting in fridge since weds. Tonight an expedition to Colorado (aka San Francisco) is planned. Eric is spinning at the 10 fifteen club so i am all for supporting especially while getting in free. Tomorrow is a Bar-B-Q at Carols and those are always interesting and Sunday is pick up all the shit on my floor and move to piles in the corner. Oh and if anyone has an interest in Cabo for Christmas let me know -Reg and I are hoping to rent a house for a week or so and drink ourselves into cirrosis. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND EVERYONE!


Head in the Clouds

i wouldnt say that i tend to drift off at work but i did discover today that the blinking : (colon) on my digital clock flashes 60 times every minute -who knows the mischief i will get into now that i know i have a second hand timer in the office. See there is a purpose to my lack of focus on work -gives me time to explore the world around me. Thanks to Jennifer my world now includes a crayon drawing of a pink bunny and a monkey (which i cannot help but liken more to a goat, what with its flopped down ears on the side of its head and not perky and on the top- but since she traced it out of a book this hardly her fault). To further aide my attention span, I have finally got a space heater for my office. Nothing helps me pay attention like being comfortable and warm and relaxed and ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry sorry drifting again. Must remember that i am being paid to sit here and work and renew contracts and research sales and respond to emails -oh fuck it zzzzzz.