ohh tasty delicious

So i made this apple tart the other day however my slices came out of the pie dish not so much this [> as this &$!%#. Making the crust out of dates and walnuts has never been attempted in my kitchen before so there was some error but as a crumble over vanilla ice cream is just grand and since there is no added stick of butter and flour -no guilt either ;)

recipe from World's Healthiest Foods LINK

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god damn my new boots are awesome. awesome buckles and straps, awesome distressed leather, awesome brown contrast bits. awesome Awesome AWESOME.
Had to force some restraint to keep them from beating the hell out of my new office underling-they are just THAT ASSKICKING!

Seychelles Ms Fixit $170 LINK


channel surfing

Caught this snippet during a commercial break of Heroes...
"It is no place for a woman who wears weave and fine jewelry."
New York of I heart New York
I now have a new standard to judge my life accomplishments-weave and fine jewelry and the spine to refuse producers' cheap attempt to get me into a mud bath.

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Worth a grain of Rice

Might make you feel smart, might make you feel dumb, might make you feel like retaking the SATs-no matter is a mighty good way to spend some time doing a little good for the world in between work emails and customer phone calls. As if i needed justification behind putting off work ;)

For every word you get right, FreeRice will donate 10 grains of rice to a hungry person through an international aid agency.
LINK to freerice

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