Out of Midnight Oil to Burn

On days like this i like to sing the Chorus of Just One Of Them Days by Monica to myself

It just one of them days
That a girl goes through
When i'm angry inside
Don't wanna take it out on you
It just one of them days
Don't take it personal
I just wanna be all alone
And you think i treat you wrong

Don't take it personal
Baby, baby, baby, baby ,baby
Don't take it personal

Was a late night and still soo much more to do on project. pray for me. ;)


is it sunday yet???

well i have gotten myself into quite the little pickle. My design final is saturday. I need to present three boards. It is Thursday -I have yet to start mocking up these boards. 2 days well 2 nights really since i cant do any of this at work. sheeeeeee-it. Well it is time to rally since i have gotten this idea to do the whole thing tonight. (talk about optimism)
oh and by the way fabric stores close at 6. 6!!!! makes it rather hard to run out for more samples now doesnt it. I am burnt out on furniture selections-there is only soo much thought a person should have to put into a office chair selection. well at least that bit is finally done. I am not in THAT bad a situation but i have yet to touch the final floor plan and getting that to look good is such a trial expecially since it includes hand lettering. And we all know that my handwriting -proper draft gothic or not-is just a joke. I have a zillion lists going now in my notebook since i like making list and i have convinced myself that list making = productivity even if nothing has yet to be crossed off. just humor me on that one. Maybe i will just make up a HUGE eviction notice thus negating the need to furnish this apartment for my final. how well do you think that will fly? sigh OKay OKAY OKAY Billy i hear you -time to get tough!


i says to Oskar i says

why just the other day i mentioned the young miss who works in my area and her unfortunate thrift store jacket she insists on wearing around the office. One of those calf-length with brownish fur lining that now has the ratted matted appearance of well ratty and matty fur. Now i dont see a whole lot of people throught out the day so it was just a happy coincidence that the very next day was fur-lined jacket sighting #2. This time on the fresh-faced recent college grad. Her cold-weather apparel of choice is a white parka quilted with a white furry lined hood. They say you should dress for the position you want to have not the one you are currently in. I just dont think there are going to be any openings in spoiled junior high student here anytime soon. Maybe this is a long term goal of hers.
Now i understand that this office is damn cold and everyone has to handle it in their own way. I personally have taken to wearing a nice orange hunting hat with ear flaps and a pair of hand fingerless gloves. i am hoping to hear back about the office deer hunter position anyday now.

I dont know if you noticed that lack of a post yesterday. I was too busy reading THIS.


Please Mr Mailman

Is there nothing more exciting and mysterious than trying to figure out how you got on a mailing list for a certain catalog? I was especially perplexed (and by that i mean disgusted enough to call up Custmoer Service to have my name removed) by the appearance of the Playboy catalog with the correct spelling of my name in my mail. At times like this we rage and fume about the destruction of trees and waste that unwanted Junk Mail is. However there are other times, times when a new catelog is the fountain of light and joy and polyester blend goodness we have been searching for in all our malls. I was treated with the gift from the gods that is the PREMIERE issue of Midnight Velvet catalog. and the icing on the cake: They have a website. SO sit back and enjoy the Midnight Velvet "Fashion" show. . . .

Does this jacket make me look old? and wrinkly? and washed up like a housewife dropped for a stripper by her rich executive husband? But i dont understand DIDN'T you See that i MATCHED the lining to my shirt??? that's hip and flattering isn't it? ISNT IT??? Well. . . okay. . . But what about my sassy feathered hat???

Isnt it just sad when grown woman are still rumaging around in there grandmothers old clothes to play dress-up??? Actually it looks like she pulled some old curtains from the linen closet and threw them on and said "isnt this drapery effect JUST DARLING!!???". How Scarlet O' Hara of her.

Having never attended etiquette school i am not really sure of the course subjects there but if i was a teacher I would totally give this woman an "A+" in ensamble-ry! The hat, The purse, the jacket, corporate mad hatter at its finest.

Must . . Suck. . .It . . IN. Will never get Julio the poolboy if he sees love handles. Now turn and look svelte you porker. Illicit affairs are work dammit!

Looking to add some more light to your life? get your own bliss HERE.


It's about time

Yipppee its friday. Time for another boring week of work to end. Am in such a blah mood today-just counting down the minutes until i get out of work today. (5h 25 mins by the way)
Lil sis Carol and I are going to the Strokes concert tonight in the city. For some reason we have to go eat sushi first (is imperative to the Carol) whatev-i cant stand sushi so i have to make do with some teriyaki and tempura Mmmmm healthy!
Am going to be running around the rest of the weekend visiting furniture and paint stores for my final project. I have just comes to terms that my life is going to be a mess until April 2nd.
-Have a great weekend all-


Fuel for the Car Fuel for ME

I know how to start my mornings of right. For the days when i dont get up the gusto to home-brew my morning coffee i frequent several places as up to the whimsy of my mood that morning. There is the indy coffee place around the corner from me with pretty good coffee but unfortunately is like playing russian roulette with the cups there (about one out of every 6 will leak out around the top from lids not fitting on the mashed up rims) then there is the starbucks in the rivermark safeway which i go to when i want breakfast because i hate their coffee but DAMN those scones are delicious (plus at safeway every like 8th one or so is free) and then there is the pisswater Peets cafe at the cafeteria here. Is nice to have the option of getting to work and then taking an immediate break and a loverly morning walk plus the added excitment of maybe seeing the one cute guy here getting his morning espresso (is rare but it does add an extra lil bounce to my step if you know what i mean). So between all the coffee pagents runner-ups i have yet to crown a Queen To-Go Coffee Santa Clara but there is now another contender! THis morning i was depserately out of gas in the Camry and just HAD to get home to watch as much of the rest of LOST as possible so i hit up the cheapest, closest and still on the way to workest gas station around. Turned out to be the Arco on Homestead. Was contemplating popping over to the worlds famous Stan's donuts for my morning fix when i realized "Hey that is an AM/PM right THERE!" and i boldly strutted in and grabbed a cup of their "fresh-brewed" dark-roast. Not only did the lid fit properly and the coffee def beat out peets and starbucks in my opinion BUT i also got a tank of gas during my coffee-ing up. AND it was the cheapest of all the places i frequent! However with all those perks i really cant see myself going into the amco without needing to get some gas. but i will no longer dread the mornings when i do. ;)



i am pulling a u-turn on my previous statment that i am getting over skulls and bones motifs. Will perusing design sites for ideas for school i have accumulated quite a long list of cool shit. I started salivating when i saw these:

L.A. designer STEVEN SHEIN from the Whitney museum store

from alex + chloe

Laser cut acrylic necklaces are my current crush.

What happens when you consume fashion too fast too furious??? Projectile vomiting of course.

thanks boing boing for bringing this to my world.


Laughing so hard

I almost spit out the cheez-its i was scarfing down when i read this on overheardinnewyork.com

Little girl: I wish I could have that cookie.
Mother: It's nice to wish.

--Starbucks, 111th & Broadway

Since there is no mommy here to say no i am going to eat some more cheez-its to help ease this little girls pain.


Ego trip?

feeling to big for your britches lately? swelled head getting in the way of your personal life? need to be knocked down a peg or two? Well try eating a cup of yogurt with a fork and i guarantee you will quickly become an average fool again- or realize that you are just too damn lazy to take a walk to the cafeteria and grab a spoon.

So this whole no clothes buying lent is definitely a charcter building experience. I was able to resist the lures of the New Marshalls with Carol and the deals at Nordstom Rack with Regina. Just means that whomever i am with is involuntarily subjected to a picky personal shopper (me). And the number of bookmarked accessories and T-shirts is growing everyday. I seem to be shifting from an obsession with skulls to a more mature and refined ken for lightening bolts. Storm clouds just seem so much more spring ya know?!? :)

This weekend was pretty great. Didnt go out for St Patty's but my sister scored a light up guiness sticker and stuck it to our fridge. I feel that is all the St pattys celebration i needed for the year. Went to the King's head for a lil celebration in honor of jerry's b-day. Patio=cold, Beer=overpriced, waitress=slow & dumb, Maria=absolute drunken embarrassment.
All in all adds up to a typical saturday night pub fest.
Sunday was an absolute gorgeous day which i wasted by being inside or shopping with reg. well maybe wasted is too strong a word but i certainly didnt live up the sunshine and am now the weather is in an overcast funk.
Can't wait for "work" to be over for the day. Am gettin my Hairs did by janess tonight. wonder how much purple will be added this time. not that i have any say in these matters anymore.

Ever been really bored at work and done a google search on your first name and kept looking at the results until you got to like page 18 and after not seeing a picture of yourself wondered how a chinese girl next to a chess peice got to have more fame than you??? No? Ok guess i am the only one then.


Drink Guinness, avoid leprechauns

Uh oh. Ralphie is too young to drink. Guess he is at the mercy of conniving leprechauns for another 13 years or so.

Friday and It's St Patty's Day-what luck!!!
Courtesy of one of my co-workers, I all ready have a mini bottle of Baileys waiting to be thrown down the hatch. Not sure what my evening drinking plans are but the night is def starting with corned beef at my moms place. we are absolutely not irish but god forbid we pass up an oppertunity to celebrate with meat.

Hope everyone has a safe and drunken time tonight.

What's a holiday without bad jokes? Not a proper holiday at all!!! Here are the worst of the worst that i stumbled across:

Why did God invent whiskey? So the Irish would never rule the world.

Q. What is Irish diplomacy?
A. It's the ability to tell a man to go to hell.
So that he will look forward to making the trip

Two men were sitting next to each other at a bar.
After awhile, one guy
looks at the other and says, "I can't help but
think, from listening
to you, that
you're from Ireland."

The other guy responds proudly, "Yes, that I am!"

The first guy says, "So am I! And whereabouts from
Ireland might you

The other guy says, "I'm from Dublin, I am."

The first guy responds, "Sure and begora, and so am I!
And what street
you live on in Dublin?"

The other guy says, "A lovely little area it was. I
lived on McCleary
Street in the old central part of town."

The first guy says, "Faith, it's a small world, so did
I! So did I!!
to what school would you have been going?"

The other guy anwers, Well now, I went to St. Mary 's
of course."

The first guy really gets excited and says, "And so
did I! Tell me,
year did you graduate?"

The other guys sa ys, "Well now let's see, I graduated
in 1964."

The first guy exclaims, "The Good Lord must be smiling
down upon us! I
hardly believe our good luck at winding up in the same
bar tonight. Can
you belive it? I graduated from St. Mary's in 1964 my
own self."

About this time, Vickie walks into the bar, sits down,
and orders a

Brian, the bartender, walks over to Vickie, shaking
his head and
"It's going to be a long night tonight!"

Vickie asks, "Why do you say that, Brian?"

"The Kelly twins are drunk again."


All the news thats fit to laura

My Thursday
hit the snooze button once
am wearing jeans, denim jacket, brown silk shirt, brown boots, silver cuff, silver hoopish earrings, large guess silver watch and purple glass ring oh and my green amber pendant

left the house at 805 and signed into work at 824
i have done 15 mins of work so far

ate a dannon raspberry yogurt and an andes mint for breakfast with a travel mug of coffee

saw THIS and was entranced! it is like a sand garden for the computer -love it

am skipping yoga to go to dinner with KT tonight -we are going to try THIS place.

saw this and my heart leapt with joy. too cute.

started im-ing oskar at 11 today and still going strong an hour and half later

have really enjoyed looking at needcoffee.com

i re-enabled comments, ditched the forward email for posts, and tried to find the GMAIL logo thing for my email address with no success

am thinking about eating my orange or waiting until this afternoon. what a dilemma

ooh it is time for lunch
will post something else later today mayhaps.


Diagnosis: Ugly

It has been a while since i have had the steam to put together an outfit of style horror and trend disaster.The drought is over. ENJOY.

Once upon a time an uber trendy peasent layered skirt met a stunning pair of flowing cropped guachos. It was love at first site. And these two crazy kids just couldnt wait to marry and start a family.They named their baby girl Extension guachos.As Extension Guachos grew older, They just could never understand why everyone was soo quick to point out what a pretty face and great personality their only offspring had.

How many things are wrong with this Top? Take some time I only wish there was some more clarity to this pic so dont worry if you cant get them all.
I'll give you a couple freebies since you all aren't privy to the description of this "revalation tank"
-it is 100% polyester! boo hiss Polyester-the food stamps of fabric.
-this $13 top requires HANDWASHING. man that is like a tore back crack whore saying she only drinks Cristal champagne.
2 down -Lets get down to the obvious ones.
The bulemic straps. gorging themselves to fatness in the front and hurling it all up for a grotesque slim appearance on the back.
Sequins in a line. Why? is this to say that we like our glitz but only in a contolled vertical lines? or maybe they felt is would be the best way to offset the crappiest poo stainiest version of brown Tie dye in the world (by the way that is #5)
the layer of lace that is a nice canopy for the breasts.I am smiling just thinking of what unattractive angle this cheap crap will stick out.
The further north we go on this top the worse it gets. Lets be honest we have just reached the 28 car pile up version of trimming.Corded trim, Beads, embroidery, circle discs and unfinished mesh
sleeves. oh the humanity.
bonus points for noticing that the tassels at the top (hey it is in the description -i couldnt find them either) and the contrast stitching around the hem.
oh and one more for noticing that you would be paying a dollar per error on this top.

Does the phrase corseted heel really sell shoes??? i just cant help but feel that i could have magiced these babies up with a hot glue gun and a large fauz snakeskin purse found at the good will.

no outfit is finished without the proper accessories. And this happens to contain TWO MORE ITEMS OF TRIM not found on our top. Feathers (blue!!!) and rhinestones!!!!
The best part thought is the name for this item "Dubuious Brooch" are the manufacturers not sure that this is a brooch or are they really on the face about whether anyone would want to wear it? Let me help them out. No NO one wants to wear this. EVER.

Today post would like to thank the JC Penney Sunday mailer for introducing me to the featured pants and to GoJane.com for providing the images.


Hunter Becomes the HUNTED

I am so going to track down my cat tonight for my latest artistic expression.
My inspiration:

Cats on Scanners! sooo surprised he hasnt been subjected to this already since my sister shows her love for hunter through torture.

Today has been such a blah day at work. A ton of random phone calls but now i need to focus on my latest project for school-my first ever floor plan. thank god i went to my moms for lunch and watched some HGTV -will totally rock this assigment in a sensible chic kinda way. if you have never seen the show -i am sorry your mommy doesnt live close to your work so you can catch on your lunch hour while you enjoy a comforting plate of leftovers and bar-b-q chips.
oh and i need to mention my new favorite show -Campus Ladies on Oxygen. Is freakin hilarious. Again my networks lack of Flash has renderred me unable to enter this site and rob some pics to share.sorry but just remember dont hate the player hate the game.


So i got kinda drunk on saturday night. Popcorn dinner was just not enough to hold onto any sense of sobriety after 5 drinks. and i think i did something really dumb and crazy. something along the lines of back-alley surgery because ever since i have had this random stabbing pain by my left pelvic bone. I swear while talking out my appendix, a pair of scissors or a scalpel was left in there. Never mind that there is no scar or gapping wound to support this claim but oh man this pain will not stop striking. why suffer i will track down some industrial painkiller and force Oskar into exploratory sugery to track down the soure. I know she has had a burning desire to poke around in my guts for YEARS.


ohh i thought those were extinct

We have spotted a rare creature on this blog. Be vewwwwy vewwy quiet. We are hunting blogs. ohh there! right there! i have spotted it. The weekend post! I know this never happens but the planets of my sister's comp and my urge to avoid the gym have aligned to bring you some saturday reading material. ;) lucky devils. Just dont shoot and stuff this post. Like snow leopards and tigers, still on the endangered species list.
and because i am not a total cold- hearted asshole. Here is the
LINK for the World Wildlife Foundation.

Last night was chill and lowdown at kts for homemade pizza and wine and several episodes of VH1's i love toys. Was worth all the trite commentary to be re-introduced to the my little pony seahorse and cobra commander.

Definitely my favorite saturday morning pastime is indulging in a ridiculous amount of coffee. Usually drink the whole thing before i even consider eating or getting dressed. that is what saturdays were made fore.

Coffee is my cocaine.



Just heard on the radio that willow glen got snow today. Bizarre!
All santa clara got was some rain and hail.

Not much else is happening

Am trying to either talk myself out of wanting these or justifying this purchase. havent quite figured out what i want. TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY.

have been looking at THIS for way too long lately. but i loves it.
I am soo looking forward to a weekend of sleep! can tell i am suffering -couldnt even finish the crossword puzzle today -pathetic.

ohhhh look at the thirsty lil puppy. cuteness

i just spent 20 minutes looking for more stuff of any interest to post. sorry thats all for today folks
Have a sweet weekend.


What else is there to watch?

well heidi i guess i will have to find out since Project Runway is over for another season. I was absolutely THRILLED that Chloe won. I think she really earned it. She def had a higher I love her stuff to eww thats sooo ugly ratio than the other Santino or Daniel.


is ok

Looooove this coat

God i cant stand how his models hair always looks retarded. AND she totally tripped on the runway. def not ELLE material


GAG me with a spoon

ooo if only you can see the back on this one. wonderous

not into pockets but i get why some people would like it

I NEEED THIS. so beautiful

gasp santino made something elegant???

a world of NO

Really sweet and obviously done by Andrae

just a stupid thing to do to a woman

By far all these designers have more talent and skill than last seasons. And the great news is that there is all ready a season 3 coming our way!!
I posted this a while back but here again is the LINK for all the pics from the runway shows.
Chloe's boutique
I am pissing my pants in envy of this pick the TRENT has. Wanted it so soo bad for today.

Jennifer and i caught the new show on FX Black. White.
was interesting and contrived all at the same time. will def try and catch the next episode to see if anyone actually changes or can see the others perspective. I def thought the teenage girl was the most into discovering the other side to things.

I am just exhausted. been running around like crazy getting stuff done for school and had a presentation to do last night. glad it is over and i can veg out for a bit.


You Make Me Feel Like a Natural WOMAN

in celebration of International Womans Day
Here are a bunch of drag queens.

And for all my ladies those considering career changes check THIS out.

Slightly unrelated but too delicious not to post:

gayest thing i have ever seen EVER HERE


Study Hall

I should so be doing homework right now but i just feel like passing notes to my friends and reading old issues of seventeen magazine. Skool Suks sometimes. I knew going back to school would be hard just didnt realize until now it would be because i am a lazy procrastinating sloth. And this upside-down thing isnt helping either.

Oskar has a headache

this big (-----------------------------------)
Hope this will ease the pain
More pets in casts HERE


I dont usually do this

But today seemed like a special kind of monday. I ran across this on another site and just couldnt resist.

Please welcome Style Icon Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham and her 10 style Commandments

Rule 1 - Visualise your overall look

Did she really "see" nothing wrong with this??

Rule 2 - Shop the world

does the world not like brushed hair?

Rule 3 - Borrow from another era

like your grandmothers couch

Rule 4 - Invest in some timeless classics

Ashton says these are still cool so back off!

Rule 5 - Find your own fashion fail-safe

Sunglasses never let me down either
unlike cheating husbands

Rule 6 - Accessories are the bare necessities

and oxy moron is the new black

Rule 7 - Dress from the inside out

and it is okay if you get those two confused

Rule 8 - Customise

ok well maybe you can actually buy shorts that tiny

Rule 9 - Trust in a few faithful opinions

She is holding someone hand. SOMEONE was ok being seen with her and this outfit. IN PUBLIC. Maybe more discriminatory taste needs to be excersiced in these trusted opinions.

Rule 10 - It's fun to experiment, but follow some classic style must-dos

trendy boots with classic saggy ass pants-works so well together!

It was one tiring weekend. Forum in the city was really great. Was awesome hanging out with my cousin and being treated to a dinner and a movie. awwww. Have a ton of stuff to catch up on now. thems the breaks.