Fuel for the Car Fuel for ME

I know how to start my mornings of right. For the days when i dont get up the gusto to home-brew my morning coffee i frequent several places as up to the whimsy of my mood that morning. There is the indy coffee place around the corner from me with pretty good coffee but unfortunately is like playing russian roulette with the cups there (about one out of every 6 will leak out around the top from lids not fitting on the mashed up rims) then there is the starbucks in the rivermark safeway which i go to when i want breakfast because i hate their coffee but DAMN those scones are delicious (plus at safeway every like 8th one or so is free) and then there is the pisswater Peets cafe at the cafeteria here. Is nice to have the option of getting to work and then taking an immediate break and a loverly morning walk plus the added excitment of maybe seeing the one cute guy here getting his morning espresso (is rare but it does add an extra lil bounce to my step if you know what i mean). So between all the coffee pagents runner-ups i have yet to crown a Queen To-Go Coffee Santa Clara but there is now another contender! THis morning i was depserately out of gas in the Camry and just HAD to get home to watch as much of the rest of LOST as possible so i hit up the cheapest, closest and still on the way to workest gas station around. Turned out to be the Arco on Homestead. Was contemplating popping over to the worlds famous Stan's donuts for my morning fix when i realized "Hey that is an AM/PM right THERE!" and i boldly strutted in and grabbed a cup of their "fresh-brewed" dark-roast. Not only did the lid fit properly and the coffee def beat out peets and starbucks in my opinion BUT i also got a tank of gas during my coffee-ing up. AND it was the cheapest of all the places i frequent! However with all those perks i really cant see myself going into the amco without needing to get some gas. but i will no longer dread the mornings when i do. ;)


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