My idea of Hell

There aren't very many things that intensely, instantly and continually fill me with rage but there is a rumor about Apple combining 2 of them into one ipod package...

ugh yellow and every Beatles album ugh ugh ugh vomit vomit vomit.

By the way -nutella cake turned out freakin amazing!!!

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I want this!

so I am going to make it!
Even took special midday break from work to trek to Safeway for hazelnuts and nutella.
recipe and such can be found HERE



THE Shirt Post

$90 Lisa Kline
Asymmetry without being obnoxious about it.

$15 Burnswell
Basically just like the necklace i wanted for my birthday but despite an order and numerous emails and 2 months later that just didn't work out. Dont want this T to feel like runner-up (but we both know it is)

$14 Switched Clothing
It's just Rad-buy it.

Wish me luck i am off to car shop this weekend and would really like to get through my test drives without any "incidents" havent been nervous about driving a car since my first outing on my permit. Maybe i should practice rolling out of moving cars and running really fast to avoid blame or monetary claims ;)


You know you have a problem..

I just ate a homemade breakfast topped with ground flax seed. Since i dont want to be one of those people who makes their own granola and can tell you the calorie count of a tsp of sugar, I think it is now time to take a breather from

What can be better than chicken and pears?? Why chicken and pears handmade with love by Christopher Walken.

Oh and A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Reg & Stef!

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My latest online game addiction STACKOPOLIS (architectural tetris)
have never felt soo clumsy manuevering a mouse before
lvl 11 and counting ;)

Have become too frustrated with Yahoo maps for finding new lunch places to try
Found this site on a web search and have already fallen head over heels for it after a widely successful trip to Taqueria La Bamba
UrbanSpoon LINK
(only avail for: Boston Chicago Los Angeles New York Seattle SF Bay Area Washington DC so far)

Older sister told me about this site:
is great for planning runs/walks gives you distance and lets you modify easy enough to add/subtract more-only flaw i have noticed so far-doesnt have pathways through parks
and no matter where you are running-checkout this quick tips for running form
If nothing else concentrating on your foot placement keeps your mind off the pain, sweat and side cramps of running

Can't believe i havent heard of this before:
Designer Apparel is an awesome search tool for shopping
pulls search for designers across different shopping sites (Ex: Nordstrom, zappos, bluefly etc)
and gives you the results all in one place and i love the magnifyer for each pic without having to click and close a new window. LINK

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