My Current PreOccupation

i have gone from hours seraching for exercise tips to diet and nutrition and have seguewayed into organic and healthy living which has stirred up my 15 year old environmental club self again. After reading the entire backlog of Green as a Thistle and making daily trips to No Impact Man and Tiny Choices, i have implemented a few ideas into my daily life.
1)No more plastic bags -in fact i bring my adorable Miso Pretty shopper to Safeway, traders Joes, the gym and the farmers market. I have justified spending money on it since Safeway gives me back 3 cents everytime. (at this rate i only have to go 430 more times to pay it off). Currently my coffee is free trade, my yogurt organic and as much as my fruit local and in season.
2)I took the time to research all the materials Santa Clara will pick up for recycling so on top of the newspaper, there is now a paperbag filled with egg cartons, junk mail, receipts and cereal boxes each week.
3) i have a compost heap!
4) I am trying to reduce and simplify my possessions, giving away stuff just sitting in my closet to whoever i think can actually use it, making an effort to use (up) whatever i already own, and am trying to control my impulse to purchase, purchase, purchase. Doing pretty well with part A and B but THIS gives me a D+ for the last bit.
5) Dishwasher is now premanently set to air dry, will be picking up dryer balls to reduce the time/energy/need for cancer-ific dryer sheets, and all appliances, lights, electronics (def the phone charger) not used on a daily basis are unplugged.

i know i still have a ways to go still -using tons of chemically awful products, driving a truck around and using too much energy for one person. Hopefully i can keep reducing my impact while still staying Fabulous ;)


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