Something worth blogging about... I have tried and tried to get into the GO -International designs at Target and after failing with 6 or so in the series. Target has finally featured one that i tried almost every item on in my size. I bought this Libertine dress and the best part is that even though i am not the size 2 that is featured here-it looks the same on my body. You can't see but there is also a Black embroidered "L" by the hip. And I do just adore items with my initial/name/head shot on them even though totally unintentional by the designer yeah there is a bit of boob flattening but pretty much every bra of mine is padded to turn my B-s* into C+s

*Among a certain group of friends it is customary to nickname the breasts-as yet I have avoided this but I think I need to christen them Siegfried & Roy since with all this exercising of late they are totally pulling a disappearing act.

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