In the Genes

Apparently my wicked sense of humor runs in the family:
My Dad called me thismorning to wish me a Happy Birthday ....at 3:30AM
what a bastardo!


Color Me Beautiful

Have been going cosmetically crazy this summer. Which is fine since i also signed up for the Sephora Rewards card and will get free samples for every $100 spent. Yeah obv this is so they can track purchases and get you to buy there instead of other dept stores but you all stopped paying attention after mention of "free samples"...

CARGO Eye Shadow in St. Tropez $16

Whenever i get near a eyeshadow display i quickly turn into a preschooler with a passion for finger painting. Within 5 seconds the backs of my hands are covered in shades of purple, brown, and roses since i have no impulse control when things are soo very accessable and glittery. Picked up this loverly pink shimmer to replace a discontinued Benefit eye shadow (back in the days when they had powder eyeshadows -am sooo not buying into their cream eyeshadow bullshit)

But Benefit does redeem itself with some of their other eye products...(tried the eye bright pencil--hated how obvious the lavendar pink looked on me-was returned post hastly)
Ooh La Lift $20
It's an instant eyelift. De-puff and firm the eye area with tightening botanicals and light-reflecting pigments. You can use it throughout the day over your makeup. Who doesn't need this?

Grabbed this on the recommendation of my coworker.... and she was totally right this si a great eyeshadow base. It has already wow-ed me on the nightclub survival test.
Primer Potion $15
Packaged in a precious, genie-like bottle, Eyeshadow Primer Potion is an ultra-sheer, totally nude eye base that glides on with the wave of a wand and then disappears instantly. It's the ultimate eye prep for smoother, longer-lasting, crease-proof eyeshadow.

If any of my friends give me crap about finally buying a blush i will smack their sassy mouths back to the womb... that being said this product is just awesome and Janelle totally complimented me on it soo you know it is a winner!
Hot Mama $18
What it is:
A true all-in-one essential: sexy shadow, striking blush, subtle highlighter, and light-reflecting lip finisher tucked inside a go-anywhere compact.

What it is formulated to do:
The pinky-peach hue adds a splash of color to cheeks, a hint of shimmer to the lids, and illuminates your finest features.

From on girl to the next whi is just never satisfied with her current makeup cache... hope this inspires a trip to the beauty counter for some experimentation and treasure hunting.
By the way all product descrip were ripped right of Sephora site since i am lazy.

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Making my day

How do you make an evening commute home in traffic terrifically awesome??
Apparently all it takes is a turquoise low rider because this had me in joy and rapture the whole trek home.
By itself it was pretty glorious quite the stand out among the silver compacts and tasteful SUVs, but what had me squealing in utter delight was when it hit its switches and i got a front row seat to hydralics in action. Pure poetry.
All my previous exposure to this has been Downtown San Jose on a Saturday night with a gang of guys giving every female the once,twice and thrice over while asking. "Where the party at?? COooome on girl .. where ya goin'? Hey Hey dont walk away..." Pulled from this cheezy setting and placed smack into the boring routine commute, the lowrider has become a beloved spectacle. I am living in anticipation of my next business district lowrider sighting.

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Fresh off the Gmail chat

Couldnt resist sharing this Gem of a conversation from today and i am too lazy to link a bunch of shirts/shoes/accessories that i want today...

Oskar: yes I think so
am working on floorplan again :(
2:35 PM me: hee i am working on Sweettooth now
busy busy bees we are today
2:40 PM Oskar: hahhahahha
oh man you are adorable today
not unlike any other day, of course
but today ESPECIALLY
2:41 PM me: i drank my cute juice today
hello kitty vitamin water
Oskar: oooh you should do thar more often
2:42 PM me: ohh i should make up a proposal for them to break into the asian market
that would soooo work
2:43 PM Oskar: who vitamin water?
I thought they already had with the 50 cent one
me: hahahahah i meant asian like overseas
no the ricerocket gangsters
Oskar: well maybe they're already there
2:44 PM you never know
me: kill the dream some more Oskar
2:46 PM Oskar: well write your damn proposal then
and set it to song
and then go visit the head of vitamin water and see what he thinks
me: consider it done
2:47 PM and when i am rolling in my hello kitty millions i will buy EVERYONE a pony EXCEPT you since you are an unsupportive poopyhead
Oskar: GASP!!!
but a pony is what I've always wanted!
2:48 PM me: chuh harrumph maybe a donkey for you
Oskar: oh I know I will breed a hello kitty with a donkey and ride it all over town
and then we'll see who's jealous
2:49 PM me: slaping a red bow on an ass isnt going to cause anyone envy
Oskar: you are a hurtful piglet
you know when i wear bows on MY ass it causes a stir
2:50 PM me: well yeah baby people react harshly to the blinding glare
2:51 PM Oskar: I see how it is

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Bringing Style Home

For the past several days i have been busting my ass repainting my family room. Have a new appreciation for DIF wallpaper remover (could NOT have gotten anywhere without it). I am stubbornly sticking to applying a tone on tone stripe to the walls mostly because i really enjoy telling me people about my tone on tone technique like a snobby interior designer i hope to be someday.
Now i only have to invest the GDP of a small country to update the current furniture (faded out blue couch and white chest picked up from a junk pile) and decor (parking for Polish only signs) up to date with the fabulous new walls (peacock feather blue green btw)

Basically want about one or two of everything from this site LINK

Since the end product is far from reality here is a link to satisfy your domestic curiosities LINK

While ogling other wonders i can never afford i cam across this budget chandelier. $55 from HERE
Is just a hop skip and a jump away from here...

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$6 milkshakes

First ever restaurant review. Nice way to kick off summer.
I work on the edge of Menlo Park and often end up in downtown Palo Alto for lunch. On friday, I ended up at the Peninsula Creamery (Retro diner place -since 1988!)
Since i was by my lonesome I sat at the counter which offered me a great view of the servers scooping ALL of the breakfast jam back into a large container. With images of people double-dipping the marmalade and licking knives, I have VOWED to never eat jam from one of those containers again (change that again to once since upon reflection I have never actually used jelly from lil serving containers, prepackaged smuckers yessss but that is a totally different story). I ordered a burger and fries since that is what you do at these places and an extra thick coffee milk shake since that is what I do at these places. Pretty standard burger, nice hand cut fries but fries are fries.Total $16 -i felt that was just a lil too much even for downtown Palo Alto (and had one of the worst 6 seconds of panic when i realized id and atm card where at home on carpet where i threw them after fratellis concert-thanks you back up Visa). Over all the best thing was the 25 cent tootsie pop I picked up on the way out (two words: Indian star)
Will i be back??
Most likely No

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What to buy? What to buy? What to buy Myself

What to buy myself for my birthday?? Tough decisions but since this is my fourth time turning 24 iInd it gets a little easier each time around.

This is pretty much in the shopping cart already.

Since my obsession with Lions is still Roaring right along (forgiveness please but test piggy has been regaling me with awful puns soo it has worn off on me)
(by the way necklace is a 1944 1 Franc Belgie Lion Coin Pendant and Chain Necklace with Double L on back $23.50 from OldSoulJewel Etsy LINK)
oooo double L on back -didja know my name begins with an "L" and since I like to speak in the royal "we" on occasion that really could not be more perfect for "us" could it???

(**** update i done and bought the last one so neeeener neeeener neeeener)

This is to go with my $500 shoes from yesterday. LINK
Leather Jacket from TOP SHOP -100 pounds soo what like $200 ish US$??? is nice to have dreams...

Cute Little Fuckers $79 from Lochers LINK
NSFW embroidery -i luvers it.

Man i can tell already it is going to be a gooood Birthday and since i still have 13 more days of shopping i am sure the gifts will just keep on coming.

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damn Girl damn Girl DAMN!

Excuses excuses.....between a summer cold and huge business plan due for school i have just been MIA. I know pathetic to abandon my 3 loyal readers but I had to use all my "free" work time researching bookkeeper fees and Palo Alto demographics and once I woke up from that homework coma, it was time to jet outta work.
"Well", you say," why don't you stay later and blog???"
shhhhh baby shush momma can't understand you when speak such craziness.
But let's not bring up old shit. Time to focus on the now. And right now is looking pretty good (and by "right now" I mean my foxy lil bod) nothing like illness to shed a couple of pounds and since I still have a fever I am prancing around the office in a black tank (just imagine Rachel hunter in her prime= me minus like 6 inches and about an inch of roots showing under highlights). I figure I need to document this moment as much as possible since once I return to my full strength, my new fav snack Caribou Coffee granola bars will be consumed faster than swifts chickens can fly and I will be back to my fighting weight.
in other news I totally love these

but Oskar thinks they are crap (you didn't here this from me but Oskar also buys her shoes at Payless and we all know what that means)

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Thanks Oskar!

My best buddy stayed up late helping me with some Illustrator work last night. For all her blood, sweat and tears I offer this home-made cake to show my deep-felt thanks and appreciation.



Return to Sender

Dear Post Secret, I do not care about the unloved, unheld, unnoticed, unhappy, unwilling to change anything about themselves "secrets" that flood in every week. This just isn't working any more. It me not you. lets just be friends.

Over It in Santa Clara