Making my day

How do you make an evening commute home in traffic terrifically awesome??
Apparently all it takes is a turquoise low rider because this had me in joy and rapture the whole trek home.
By itself it was pretty glorious quite the stand out among the silver compacts and tasteful SUVs, but what had me squealing in utter delight was when it hit its switches and i got a front row seat to hydralics in action. Pure poetry.
All my previous exposure to this has been Downtown San Jose on a Saturday night with a gang of guys giving every female the once,twice and thrice over while asking. "Where the party at?? COooome on girl .. where ya goin'? Hey Hey dont walk away..." Pulled from this cheezy setting and placed smack into the boring routine commute, the lowrider has become a beloved spectacle. I am living in anticipation of my next business district lowrider sighting.

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