Where's my Passport?

Got this off of Reg's blog.

Just makes me want to travel more...since i am competative like that. Singapore and Belize here i come!




Something worth blogging about... I have tried and tried to get into the GO -International designs at Target and after failing with 6 or so in the series. Target has finally featured one that i tried almost every item on in my size. I bought this Libertine dress and the best part is that even though i am not the size 2 that is featured here-it looks the same on my body. You can't see but there is also a Black embroidered "L" by the hip. And I do just adore items with my initial/name/head shot on them even though totally unintentional by the designer yeah there is a bit of boob flattening but pretty much every bra of mine is padded to turn my B-s* into C+s

*Among a certain group of friends it is customary to nickname the breasts-as yet I have avoided this but I think I need to christen them Siegfried & Roy since with all this exercising of late they are totally pulling a disappearing act.

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OOOooooooOOOooo Stuff!

Thanks for being soo patient for another bookmark cleanup.. Enjoy!

Alice and Olivia Halter dress $297

California Necklace from Urban Outfitters $18 -the Golden State in Gold how appropriate is that?!?
if this ever came into my possession the palm tree and Hollywood sign would be quickly removed

Large Oval Bird Platter, Light Blue $425 by Laura Zindel Ceramics

Portia by Laundry for $165 -Mostly
i just really dig how the heel looks skinny from the back but is
actually wide enough from the side to handle trekking around downtown
on a Saturday night.


Sea Monster Protection Necklace $110.00 By Erica Weiner Jewelry LINK
(WARNING! Protection guarantee does not extend to attacks from Loch Ness Monster, as it lives in fresh water, not seawater.)


Living a Balanced Life

Last night i ran over to DSW desperate for a new pair of running shoes. I walked away with a new pair of sneakers and two pairs of heels.
Total: $160
I then went to Safeway on my way home and got groceries for the week.
Total $9.
*i find this HUGE difference in spending hilarious.

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Lets all Waste some Time on the InterWebs

Found: objects sent in LINK (Our favorite Republican Blowhard Anne Coultaire with nails soo silver and shiny is like the salon treatment version of new rims) Planet Hiltron -soo fucking genius take celebs faces and mash them with ordinary fat ass, Sears shopping, Fried chicken eating, good ol' american folk. LINK

The mother of all Celebrity Blind Items, Heresay and Rumor Crazy Days & Nights LINK You will want to grab the latest issues of People/US/Star and be watching E! News in order to figure out whos who and doing what :) Is the ultimate whodunit for todays celeb-obsessed.

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Its MyFrustration

Whats more annoying than having a friend who bugs you to update your myspace page?? Why actually doing it of course. As soon as pictures start not loading and code isn't working it becomes sooo obvious why i can never really be a fan of mySpace. I tried -for hours i tried but it still looks like crap-o-rama.
Just the basics of getting it set up and looking halfway decent has never been something i have been able to master... and when the one person in your life who you have depended on to guide you though all this has suddenly turned their backs -i find myself adrift in a sea of icons that shimmer and spam ads and desperate add friend submissions.
Yah i know blogger can be a butthole too but it is the butthole i have come to know and love. Really is one of the longest lasting relationships of my Life.
But by no means should you hesitate to check out my MySpace link ;)
and if you care to show some sympathy and have any suggestions on how i can improve this hot mess of a profile please share.


Palo Alto Clay & Glass

Great as always.
Walked away with a conservative purchase this year-only one piece

Not quite this shape but the design and color made my mouth water.
By Woodside Pottery LINK

Was very tempted by this adorable lil cake platter with itty bitty birdies --makes me want to bake cupcakes with pink frosting
By Whitney Smith Pottery LINK

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OMG!WTF! i cannnnnnot get pics on blogger today. And this is attempt number 3 for the day soo i guess my most awesomest post ever is just not going to happen today...

*********** H*A*P*P*Y*****B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y********O*S*K*A*R******
-----------------/-------------@ @------------------/---------

i got you some purty roses B-)

ohh and speaking of awesome birthday gifts- i have an amusing lil incident to share
I got a birthday card from my dad in the mail..
inside was a TON OF MONEY!
i ONLY have to fly halfway around the world to Singapore in order to spend it since it wasnt exactly US currency.


Happy Fourth of JULY!!!

Posh is here to spread some patriotic cheer...

....And to demonstrate how to alientate the other countries with bad BO.

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Carp-e Diem

Another awesome video passed to me from my brother...

Online Videos by Veoh.com