Its MyFrustration

Whats more annoying than having a friend who bugs you to update your myspace page?? Why actually doing it of course. As soon as pictures start not loading and code isn't working it becomes sooo obvious why i can never really be a fan of mySpace. I tried -for hours i tried but it still looks like crap-o-rama.
Just the basics of getting it set up and looking halfway decent has never been something i have been able to master... and when the one person in your life who you have depended on to guide you though all this has suddenly turned their backs -i find myself adrift in a sea of icons that shimmer and spam ads and desperate add friend submissions.
Yah i know blogger can be a butthole too but it is the butthole i have come to know and love. Really is one of the longest lasting relationships of my Life.
But by no means should you hesitate to check out my MySpace link ;)
and if you care to show some sympathy and have any suggestions on how i can improve this hot mess of a profile please share.


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