In the City

Went to the capsules fair on sunday with Test Piggy and rico. was a really awesome sunny day in the city and sooo great to go to a craft fair that was completely void of paintings on saws and fairy garden signs. i got a couple of Ts By xthreadz yeah obviously they are guy designs but i lovered them too much to not get 'em.

And since i am talking about SF what better time to drag out these pics of the haight area that have been sitting in my photobucket account forevs.


Personal Philosophy


The other whiter meat

How do you top a Celine Dion song?
By covering it with MEATLOAF. Bon appetite!


ohhhhh michael michael michael. Was almost physically painful to watch the 80's vesace remix he sent down the runway. Oskar nailed it when she pointed out that he just did everything he had been given praise for during the season. Unfortunately he also infused it with a huge dose of tacky, tight and impratical.
The Baaaad, The painful and the Horrid. . .

This bathing suit made my crotch hurt just watching it. Sluttiest chastity belt i have ever seen.

Out of the safari mess this was the one prize. Cool and crisp and what he should have focused on.


Loved that Laura had the confidence to create a line of evening wear-designing exactly what she wanted without folding under the pressure to show new and different. She has her look, the execution and the silhouettes down. She spent the whole season making her aesthetic known to the fashion community and it will only pay off for her.
What i loooooved. . .

Not soo much. . .

Does any one else find the pasties distracting cuz i sure did.


Uli was the runner up this season and I thought she had it in the bag once Laura was auf'ed. Her style comes through soo crisp and clear everytime. Out of them all I think she is going to have the most success in the fashion world.
Why she should have won/all the outfits i want in my closet NOW....

What kind of missed in my opinionation. . .


EEEEEEgads Jeffrey won season 3 of Project Runway. I am just not feeling the judges decision on this one. I never realized how disappointing it is to not be excited about the who the winner would be. Aside from being overbudget (which fortunately got those austin power femme robot wigs cut) and crying like a baby, his collection just had too many "what the fuck was he thinking" outfits.
Why Jeffrey deserved to win...

Why he deserved to be reemed by the judges...

It will be interesting to see who really takes advantage of this exposure and makes it big in the fashion world.


This is how we Blog it

I know it has been about a decade since something fresh has gotten posted here. But i refuse to take the blame for this even though it is technically all my fault.
latest obsessions
"maneater" by nelly furtado
chocolate cupcakes with white (not vanilla but white) frosting
wearing my brown pumas
eating granola for breakfast and sometimes dinner
****Latest fashion trend sweeping the world*****
faux distressed leather jackets with detachable fur collar
-i am confident that this will be the next rage becuz i just bought one today and will rock it like a superstar this winter and lets be honest wherever i go -trends follow :)

Shameless ploy to get Oskar to follow her heart and be She-ra for Halloween. Oskar, You know you wanna ;)

Project runway has been such a b -putting of the finale for sooo damn long. My momentum to see the winner has serverly wanned. Other than Michael becoming a braceface and Laura and Jeffrey becoming Kayne vs Kieth pt 2 nothing much happened to keep us in anticipation of weds final episode. Le Sigh.