Hunter Becomes the HUNTED

I am so going to track down my cat tonight for my latest artistic expression.
My inspiration:

Cats on Scanners! sooo surprised he hasnt been subjected to this already since my sister shows her love for hunter through torture.

Today has been such a blah day at work. A ton of random phone calls but now i need to focus on my latest project for school-my first ever floor plan. thank god i went to my moms for lunch and watched some HGTV -will totally rock this assigment in a sensible chic kinda way. if you have never seen the show -i am sorry your mommy doesnt live close to your work so you can catch on your lunch hour while you enjoy a comforting plate of leftovers and bar-b-q chips.
oh and i need to mention my new favorite show -Campus Ladies on Oxygen. Is freakin hilarious. Again my networks lack of Flash has renderred me unable to enter this site and rob some pics to share.sorry but just remember dont hate the player hate the game.


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