ohh i thought those were extinct

We have spotted a rare creature on this blog. Be vewwwwy vewwy quiet. We are hunting blogs. ohh there! right there! i have spotted it. The weekend post! I know this never happens but the planets of my sister's comp and my urge to avoid the gym have aligned to bring you some saturday reading material. ;) lucky devils. Just dont shoot and stuff this post. Like snow leopards and tigers, still on the endangered species list.
and because i am not a total cold- hearted asshole. Here is the
LINK for the World Wildlife Foundation.

Last night was chill and lowdown at kts for homemade pizza and wine and several episodes of VH1's i love toys. Was worth all the trite commentary to be re-introduced to the my little pony seahorse and cobra commander.

Definitely my favorite saturday morning pastime is indulging in a ridiculous amount of coffee. Usually drink the whole thing before i even consider eating or getting dressed. that is what saturdays were made fore.

Coffee is my cocaine.


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