Once Twice Threeeee Times the Auf

After but a moments respite from Vincent and Angela a horrible new twist brought these two crazies back onto the runway. All former challenge winners were allowed to come back and have a shot (GASP!) at staying if they won this challenge. Out of all that talent to reflect upon who was booted and to realize that the only other challange winners were these two. Them? really? huh. Lets let the black and white cocktail party begin. . .

AUUUUUUUUUUUFFFFFF! ohh Kayne I actually quite liked you dress. And that the back was totally unique however there just wasnt enough white to please the ambiguious criteria of the judges. Now go call up robert and have a playdate.

AUF DUEX! was there even a remote chance of Angela pulling of a win??? as likely as her not dressing like a fairy tale princess toddler.

Another one bites the dust. Oskar and i let out simultaneous gags when Vincent let another "it gets me off" fly -just go away already -you are not a designer and your model is not a hooker please get this straight already!

WINNER! Yippeeeee Preggers Laura won a challenge. Fetus Power! Really cute and well done

Michael -super chic -i didnt like the folky flower crap on the belt but other than that -totally bitchin.

Jeffrey this just looks like a joke. a cheap forever 21 wet seal of a joke.

Uli -again i really liked it. fuck the naysayers Uli you are a genius.


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