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I know posting has been lame/weak this week but lots has been going on -big layoffs at work, started another class on weds, getting plans done for my birthday, a heat wave and just plain exaustion. . . . i know i know ok excuses excuses . . . alright truth is i got totally addicted to playing this card game called canfield and it was imperative that i play it nonstop for the past three days to an obsene point. To make up for my neglect i have put together another tragic mess of an outfit for all to mock and laugh at for the weekend
Ready? ok! and it goes a lil something like this. . .

See this is why the 80s had to happen to get away from 70s shit like this. I am getting a rash just thinking about the polyester content.

Cuz putting on leggings under a sheer skirt was just such a hassle in the past and gosh darn it leggings just dont have that scrunched up jog pant look that is just so appealing in the summer time. Thank goodness these Sheer Stretch Guachos are here to save the day.

Clog espadrilles. I dont know whether to cry or vomit over these shoes.

pulled from the description of this hat "The semi-circle bend towards the rear part of the brim on this hat allows room for a ponytail or bun." i thought this was a feature reserved for girls who wear baseball caps with some disney/WB chracter on them. ooo those cartoon chracters are gonna be mad at you angora blend triby-steppin all over their turf.

does anyone else see a bag of recycled pull tabs when they look at this purse? Only a hot mess like Kimberly Stewart could pull off this purse and by "pull off" i mean confuse this garbage with style

Well three cheers to the 15dollarstore.com for being such good sports with their horrendous offerings. **Just imagine this entire outfit could be yours for a the bargain basement price of $75 (excluding tax and S/H of course)

have a great weekend everybody -i know i will so try not to be jealous. ;)


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