sweat & toil

It is freakin hot today. Would be wonderful if i could go to the beach but since it only means wearing flip flops and a tank top to work on a monday it is such a waste of great weather. have felt slightly off all day -partly due to the benadryl hangover (took 2 yesterday after horrible allergy attack while stuck in car) but mostly due to the upgraded netwrok system that welcomed me this morning. so what if my email wasnt working, or all my work programs now have a funny font. More importantly it has taken me HOURS of googling and brainstorming to get a slice of my old bookmarks back after this switch erased my internet history. CURSES! oh well at least i have a newer version of flash so a whole new world of online games and videos has been opened up to me. talk about expanding your horizons while stuck in an office. Hope everyone had a spectacular Mothers Day -especially all the MOMS.


Blogger Adrian said...

Bloody awesome pic... champion for finding it!

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