On With the Show

ok the thing is yesterday really sucked. sucked BAAAAAAD.
So lets just put it behind us and move on to bigger and better things. For example the whats New and Hot section of wetseal.com. From what i can tell items in this category rarely fit both these descriptions but it gave me the perfect oppertunity to pull a bunch of items some meant to please and some to amuse with their tackiness. try not to get confused.

I am staying at the mall ALL summer until i see a overly plump middle aged woman with lucite heels and dyed blonde hair wearing this. And then i am going to tranq it, tag it and release it back into its natural habitat- the trailor park.

Yeah obviously cheap vinyl but really CUTE and FUN cheap vinyl. i like it and that is all that matters here.

first reaction: Disgust -ewwww gross!
second reaction-Confusion -what is going on in the belly button area???
third reaction- acceptance -well not everyone can be an innie.

i do adore the image on this but if i actually bought it i think the lace border would be ripped off along with the price tags. Why? cuz lace is kinda over and poor hemming is no match for my ripped biceps.

Overalls, short overalls that give you moose knuckle. WTF wet seal WTF.

Red and SASSY! need i say more?

i just have three words - Gleaming the Cube
oh so you all werent early Christian Slater fans ok let me explain -no there is no time let me sum up. early 80's teen flick- skateboarders (tony hawk cameo) Christians adopted asian brother is killed and he must reject his skater lifestyle become a nerd and solve the crime. one of the sidekicks who worked at pizza hut wore this hat. what part of that association would a young happening Miss want? washed up slater fan? pizza hut? tony hawk trying to act? amaetur sleuth?

Hope you all enjoyed a snippet of what wetseal.com has to offer. And i leave you with this to enjoy for the rest of your day.


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