Shopping List

egads i need to get to the mall tonight!
so much to see so much i need so much to buy!

I am looking for a replacement for FCUK girl since i am almost out and my perfume tray would look barren if i dont have an attractive bottle in its spot.

Okay i have a confession-I am not as perfect and flawless as i appear. i know shocking isnt it. time for a new concealor since i am scrapping out the remains of my last one with a lipstick brush.

Bronze is still IN right?? like i care-am buying these calvin kleins anyway becuase 1-i have never owned a pair of Calvins and 2 cuz i just got my tax refund and some of it has to go to help the economy. soo really these shoes are charity (and besides the nice bronze will match my shiny halo).

And i dont mean to alarm anyone but mothers day is in 2 weeks!! I know it is soooo hard to plan past cinco de mayo but your mom doesnt want a bunch of empty corona bottles with limes in them so get shopping.
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