lil poopsie

My lil sis had a hard day yesterday and from the amount of whining on the phone she was in quite low spirits. SO it is time to rally and make this thurs THE BEST EVER for her.

AWWWWWW YEAAAAAAH! dee-licious! and after fueling up on some rich and exotic coffee Lets figure out what to do next. . . .

A) watch Anne of Green Gables (BONUS inside jokes- gilbrrrrt blytththththttthth, sorrrry pianist)
B) go shopping at The Rack
C) bug the cat til he starts biting in retalliation
D) go to the park and play frisbee

oooo tought decisions today! lets just go for all of the above. wooot.
Damn Carols day is sure going well isnt it?? how can we top all that -why with a random montage of stuff she digs.

Here is some Art.

and some Francis Bacon -there is just nothing cuter (check out more cute burrito puppy dog HERE)

Time for a break-how about a lil public access television of elementary school kids playing three blind mice??? sounds awesome (well if you are carol and jimmy it does and that is what matters today)

Damn we are just tearing though the day arent we???

Lets go to TARGET!

and buy some stuff

and $20 later and infinity happier after that shopping spree it is time for a NAP!!! rad! zzzzZZZZzzzZZZZZZZ

Are you hungry cuz Carol could sure go for some greek food right about now

mmmm falafel

well how can we end such a perfect Carol day???

(hope that brightens your day baby. KISSES!)


Blogger jennifer said...

I have that shirt from Target. Hurray!

5:13 PM  

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