What Else is There to Watch?

This staring out the window thing is getting old -thank gawd Project Runway Season 3 is starting in July!!!! (july 12th to be exact-i will pause for a moment so you all have time to mark the date on your calendars) WOOOOOT. this is def the best news i have had all day! Cant Wait to have Heidi back in my life and this time sans disgusting prego fashions ;)

In other spectacular news-i got my colored pencil set-it is awesome but not even 20 pencils into the shaprening and i managed to break my electronic pencil sharpener whoopsie-will have to get crafty with some tape and super glue to repair it.

For you pleasure: very odd but you might enjoy THISISMYCOMPUTERBLOG
and PRESURFER does a wonderful job of compiling the wierd and interesting bits of the internet.


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