This is ALL my mother's fault

I found a link for this site for FREE STUFF and i just couldnt resist checking it out. LINK

Basically anything you can get at a drug store has a offer for a sample, coupon on this site. There are also hilarious freebies that some marketing genius is offering to plug some earthday or contest not to mention lots of religous how to find god manuals, tapes. The stuff you dont want is definitely more hilarious than what you do. Happy hunting.
Here are some that i just couldnt resist.
Goody Hair ties (i will never forget being in spain with my sister and only having ONE functioning hair tie between the two of us-never again!)
Dentyne Gum (dude its free -who turns down free gum???)
Post-it Notes (Super Sticky = Super Great)
Benjamin Moore Color Sample (I am already schemeing on how many of these i can get)

This one is for Matt

If i remember i will let you all know in 4-6 weeks what stuff actually came through. ;)


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