Tough decision

The hard issues i had to handle today:

Hair up or hair down? def up since it is plastered to head at odd angles having gone to sleep while it was wet

Make-up or natural? ummm horrifically natural today.

Quick in the five seconds before coworker opens office door should i hide the crossword puzzle i am working on??? fuck it its friday let her see.

Hmmm Kit kat or Reese's peanut butter cups. . . and both isnt an option since i only have 85 cents. decision needs more consideration

Read the rest of tuckermax.com or check work emails? nice when one can arrive at a solid decision without even finishing the question. tuckermax it is.

sit and stare and wall or sit and stare at cd spinning in player? BOTH!

yeah today is just one big yawn.

random stuff i have accumulated on bookmark page:

soo kinda wish i had a lame boyfriend at the moment so i could send him HERE

shirt from engrish.com reads "what kind of world is this? it's kind of crap. "

ooh and since i dont want to leave you in suspense all weekend. kit kat totally time for a kit kat.


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