Shameless want

I absolutely do not deserve any of the following items but my heart has no self control sometimes.

Well obviously i deserve this file tote because i can rock the matching headband-a-go-go!

True i have never met a mermaid but i imagine these would be her earrings of chooice and one can never fault the stylish eye of the mermaid.

Um do i really need to explain my lust for this shirt??? DO you not see the awesome stencil on the back?? the back of an otherwise prosh french cuff blouse. ohhh i feel faint with greed right now.

I. Want. This. Right. Now. Buy. It. For. Me.

Many thanks to Trunkt, Yank clothing and wishing fish for turning me into a materialistic whore. Kidding we all know i was already one.

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