Piss Off!

I am in such an irritated state right now. So annoyed with one of my coworkers still that everytime I have to write/forward an email to her I keep thinking of the phrase "Eat shit and Die."
And I am ridiculously depressed about my lack of shoes (totally blind-sided me that I only have 3 pairs I actually wear and 2 more I will actually concede to wear on certain days) and I can't get away with wearing my flip flops everyday. Plus I had such pangs of depression when I think back to the halcyon days of my house-booties. Sigh I should have held onto you stinky beasts for one more winter.
I am also in extreme physical pain from the winter desert that is my face these days. Skin is soo dry and irritated that it hurts (HURTS!) and I have to go to sephora to try to remedy this. No fun shopping for basic mantinence stuff when I really want to spend money on a pretty eyeshadow or new gloss or sweet new perfume. MEH!
And the cherry on this emotionally tortured sundae is that my car is filth since I haven't washed it in forever, I have to sand my dresser in order to be one step further toward it being redone so I can stash all my clothes back in it, Thanksgiving is coming up and I have no idea what happened to November, I keep having dreams of my teeth falling out which according to THIS means I am to expect to not get away with much else for much longer. PLUS I have all ready made plans to meet Jennifer at the gym. She better be awfully funny and amusing to me today or her head is being ripped off in my cloud of malice and spite that is today.


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