Ooooh the shame

i have a dirty dirty little secret that i just cannot keep to myself anymore. I am blushing just thinking about exposing this but my secrecy it is just EATING me ALIVE!!
I know I know I know all ready how shameful, how embarrassing, how god damn mockable this information will be but I am ready to confess! i totally like the new ashlee simpson song " boyfriend"
(gasp) i know i need to beat this nonsense out of myself with a cat-o-nine tails but i am addicted to the ridiculous pop-ness of it all. How was i supposed to know that it would only take one snippet of the beat for me to jonesing for another hit of "
Hey, how long till the music drowns you out? Don't put words up in my mouth, I didn't steal your boyfriend"
I understand that some of you may no longer want to be seen in public with me . . . there just is no cure for popstaritis.


Blogger jennifer said...

you make me sick and I no longer love you.

1:04 AM  

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