I know it has been a ridiculous time since i have last written.
Halloween was great and i hope to scan in some pics for all to enjoy (be patient)
CONGRATULATIONS BOO!!! Carol has a new job with morgan stanley. woot woot woot (3 woot salute!)
I am ill so brain is groggy and drowning in medecines. I am particularly whinny for some reason, usually i am a pretty low key sickly one but this time around i am whining and groaning to anyone who crosses my path. I apologize. Despite recognizing this infant behavior i see no reason to stop until i am well again. At least i am not in complete misery, have been reading Dry and really enjoying it.
I am out for the rest of the weekend. Calling in sick tomorrow and am going to whoop it up with a trip to the DMV (rock on rock on) and mostly likely several hours of arrested development. I will try and return to my normal wit and banter next week.
To keep you all occupied in the mean time check out the sale at Nordstrom (buy two shirts and call me in the morning)


Blogger Regina said...

you're still sick? What's up with that? I think it's just a time for all of us to be sick. boo -- My ear won't pop and is still full of icky fluid. I went back to the doc on Friday and they gave me steriods and antibiotics. So either my ear will get better or I'll have mustarche from the roids.

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