Me in a nutshell

I realize that while most of my readers are my good friends, I thought for the off chance that anyone new was joining us today--
Here is some stuff about me. To begin with my addictions:
for morning, for day (currently on my feet) and for evening.
While at my dull computer job days, I spend a lot of time (like an embarrasing wasting my potential amount of time) here and here. I also IM my friend all day with shit like this. I really enjoy pictures of kittens and puppies, cute purses and ugly children.
lately i have been eating a lot of salad consisting of spinach leaves, nectarine, pear, walnuts and blue cheese and today i even had raspberries in the mix.
Because i have no impulse control, I recently bought a Cd/Radio player for my office and the only CD i brought in to listen to is this-which is really the only CD in my collection worth listening to.
I like getting this for free and paying for this.
Truly delightful discovery made today.
I cannot stand this or this or how accurate this is. And I do not understand the popularity of this.
I think that is enough links for now. I am tuckered out from all that. I am still in a grand debate about the exact expense/sluttiness ratio of a pirate costume to purchase. Just dont want to be running around at the last minute and end up with this.


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