Broken Promises

I'm sorry Oskar. I never meant to make you cry but today I am not writing you a song. Le sigh. I totally let down my friend Jennifer for promising an Oskar song to commemorate her new nickname in the style of the Oscar Meyer jingle and it just isn't happening. Finding a decent replacement for bologna just isn't as easy as one would hope when "My best friend has a first name it's O-S-K-A-R" trips out the brain so very easily. Maybe tomorrow I will be more lyrically inclined. I am actualizing a theory for work that if I can enjoy my suroundings here more I won't want to stab my eye out with the broken pair of scissors I inherited with the office. I am trying to rid my space of the beige standard crap accessories I was left with. It has been a bit of a success. There was a bit of a snag this morning trying to determine if the nice wooden in box trays I bought were slanted or if it was my desk. Surprise surprise it was the $10 trays from the container store. So they will be making a hasty return trip. However I had a stroke of genius at Marshalls the other day and bought a red hurricane glass to be my new pencil holder. tres chic and it compliments my new strawberry cover notebook that I bought for absolutely no reason other than shallow atheistic whims. (wait actually that is the driving force behind most of my decisions). Actually am beginning to wonder if perhaps I am a little too comfortable here. Not only am I still taking 10-15 minutes each morning when I first arrive to apply my make-up, I now eat a bowl of puffins cereal that I bring from home and I also brush my teeth here in the morning because I just can't seem to stop drinking coffee long enough to do it at home. Pathetic or a brilliant use of downtime at the office??? This weekend was pretty fun and activity filled. Friday Ryan and I went and finally saw the instant classic Transporter 2. He is still gorgeous, still rockin the bald head and the accent (a lethal 1-2 punch in my lust book) but the storyline oh god the storyline. I wonder if it is hard to go to the set each morning knowing that you are partaking in a massive terd film?? To continue the evening of mediocrity, we dined at Applebee's. I am just going to end there. I soloed my way to Sunnyvale to meet up with Jennifer, janessa, Jerry, Carol and NIck. If you are wondering about where all the good hip-hop has gone. . . Well to Scruffy Murphy's. Just enough music, dancing, eye candy (there was a petite Prince wanna-be flashing his belly button around -if only camera phones had a decent flash!) drinks (cover of $3 gets you a free kamikaze) and conversation. For some crazy reason I was not dead on my ass at 1 am so I went with Jennifer and Jerry to Denny's. I over indulged in a glass of water and stole a caeser fry from Jerry (ok maybe I wasn't soo awake , instead of seasoned I heard jerry order caeser fries). Saturday I slept until 12 and then went on a walkabout to the local home stores to price shop for a CD/Radio. I would be headed back to Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase the winner but have to drive to Fremont (don't ask, still too painful to talk about). Sunday I was about to head off to Ikea when carol finally responded to my text about Bill of Fare. There is no greasy spoon breakfast spot like the red barn Bill of Fare conveniently located next the picturesque Rotten Robbie gas station. It is all about the fast service, instant coffee refills and done to order browned eggs for me. Later Ryan (poor tired hung-over Ryan) picked me up for the pre-season Sharks vs Ducks hockey game. The nachos were awesome. ohh and the sharks won 6-5 wooot. Hope that is enough for ya'll for now. KISSES!


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