Let Down by Safeway

Crappy bitches. I am soo pissed. Safeway has fallen to the wayside of the formerly great sandwich palaces like Quizno's. We all thought it couldn't happen. Not to our all time dependable safeway deli sandwich spot but it has lost it's beautiful aethestics of yore. My turkey sandwhich is now a measly 6 inches long and on a whole wheat roll that looks like the produce boys have been using it as a seat cushion. And to further the unappeal, they now wrap their sandwiches in a layer of plastic and then paper backed foil. Let me point out how this makes it impossible to cut said protective layers in two so one can eat each half without spilling tomoto and pickles all over. And don't even get me started on the ridiculous wait for a god damn sandwich especially when at the Rivermark location they have an entire counter and 3 (three) people dedicated to just this one task. Mother fucking worthless pieces of shit. I can only hope that this virus of disappointment is limited to Rivermark but i fear the spread of mediocre sandwiches will soon hit all Safeways.
But in some good news. Step one of Operation Adsense was a success (ie my humble blog has been accepted). So now it is a matter of entering code, IRS forms (scary) and keeping those fingers crossed for $50 worth of clicks in order for me to get my first check. i know that with the assistance of all my faithful readers out there this will happen in no time!


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