Moving Up in the Spiritual World

I don't know what is causing this but i am having issues with making entries and then having them blank out on me before i can save the changes. But because i love writing about myself sooo much i have added a couple of steps involving copy and paste of word docs in order to bring you my personal news. I have started entertaining the thought of getting a laptop mainly so i can have wireless internet and play bejeweled 2 to my heart's content. But the plus side would be the potential for me to blog update at the drop of a hat. unrealistic but just knowing i have the option makes me happy about the prospect of spending a bunch of money on a comp. Speaking of shopping, Katie and I had a great time trying on trendy and pricey tops at Macys the other day. She is now caught in the eternal dilemma of which is cuter blue or purple??? it was actually a rather Katie filled weekend for me since everyone else had the poor manners of leaving town for the weekend. Saturday I played bocce ball with Matt, a visiting Vanessa and Katie. Nice to find a sport that encorages little effort and wine drinking. Sunday was my first foray into yoga. Other than a delicious popping and stretching of my back, I do not think i have the spiritual awareness to keep ooohming without wanting to giggle. Patheticly immature but i never claimed to be otherwise. My favorite part was the next five hours that i spent lazing around the house because i had “exercised” that day! I think i would be more into it if it was closer, cheaper and had better looking young mens in the class. Well that is pretty much my formula for anything that i would enjoy. Doesn't that show a degree of enlightenment -to know and enjoy such simple demands of the world?


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