Screw You Trent

I picked up the new Elle magazone the other day. I was hypnotized by the sheer enormity of this issue and therefore was too weak to pass it by. While i am not a Jennifer Lopez fan, I really really liked her hair in this issue. Curly Like mine but way Shorter. I am even considering a counseling session with Janessa to see if i can rock this look. http://www.elle.com/article.asp?section_id=35&article_id=6912 However my glee over finding a possible super cool super do-able hairstyle was rained upon by one of my favorite star bloggers. trent you are a fat nosed bitch and i hate your guts now. He totally insulted my new hairstyle. http://trent.blogspot.com/ Thank god i do not hold a grudge or i would never ever ever read his shit again. Time for a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! It is ANT season so stock up on RAID and other toxic chemicals to kill these little beasties. SHOW NO MERCY! Ants suck! and it is not okay to save pizza that has been crawling in the lil fuckers (PETER LISTEN UP!!!)
And if you are wondering about all the cursing today it is because i am at the library and I get a certain satisfaction from foul-mouth typing when i am stiffled by Shhhhhhh! Quiet and NO CELL PHONE signs all around me. (Bitch fuck-face shit shit Crap fest Bastard Wench Ho bag!!!!) god that was fun. have a good weekend everybody.


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