The Smell of Trying to Hard

Last night was a new and hopefully unrepeated experience for me. Jennifer took us out to chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot. Between the mob-reject bouncer that was the host to the unavoidable wet murky smell that lurked as atmosphere to the plastic handled, dirty fondue prongs and not to mention the misguided attempts at sophistication (impossible when a main feature of the dessert is crusted marshmellows and powder sugar CLASSY!) This establishemnt was completely on par with the view I had of another diner's silicon enhanced, fake tannified, forever 21 sluttified cleavage (Gah-ROSS). I was less than impressed. Don't go! Don't ever ever go.
In happier News, I have been on an eyeline kick lately. after years of sticking with matte black I have made a departure from the tried and true this summer. Purple, bronze and now metallic dark green. So unecassary and yet essential for my peace and happiness right now. i thought i was supposed to get more mature and sedate with make-up as i get older but i just cannot supress the inner slut that is my true nature. I may be 26 now but i have the impulse magpie i want i want reaction when i see the pretty Revlon displays at Longs-damn them damn them right to Hades!!!!
For all those utterly disgusted by the farce that is TomKat, i have the ultimate piece of evidence that proves they are a completely make-believe couple. http://entertainment.msn.com/movies/gallery.aspx?photo=516421&gallery=8560#photos who does that!?! who??? I rest my case.


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