Don't Stop Believing

It is going to be such a freakin good friday-I saw a red CRX while i was rocking out to Journey on the way to work. What better signs of fortune could a girl get??? I am totally psyched-am going to the beach condo with Katie. Much drunken, over indulgent fun to be had. So I have managed to make myself into the most ignorant and unresponsible position possible without actually being fired temp. Instead of having to deal with all the magazine and flyer deadlines (which are today) i have been given the demanding and important task of . . . culling out spam email from my boss's 3,000+ inbox. yesssssssssssssssssss. try not to be jealous because i get to look at viagra ads online all day. IMPORTANT NOTICE- for my anticipated Birthday celebration I am thinking the Kat Club this upcoming Thurs so start planning for a horrible hung-over friday at work. But in the mean time i have a lil present for all of you http://facepalm.blogspot.com/ Enjoy. Oh speaking of presents and since i am broke until payday---JANESSA WINN HAPPY BIRTHDAY ---


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