Not Meeting Expectations

So Yeah Ummm this whole pic thing is still a lil out of my grasp but hopefully my good pal Reg will give me a tutorial soon (wink wink ;) nudge nudge). Until then lets go throught the past weekend in case you were out of my orbit these past few days. Friday Friday i had to go out to Silver Creek twice to hang out in a lobby crawling with ants and talk to real estate people. Since they agreed to finance my trip to Vegas I will not say too many awful things about the whole temp experience. So far training is just flying over my head. Nothing like being a college grad with no clue. Saturday was a trek out to Palo Alto for some alcohol and meet up with Anya-so cool to see old co-worker again. Kinda funny how consistent Rudy's is in providing amusing males to chat with and ultimately leave behind since none of them have any actual appeal ten foot from the bar. Soooo what did you do for Father's Day? Yea me too. Never the same as mother's day -wonder why that is maybe dads are just used to disappointment at this point. One whole week until my B-day, time to get delibrate with the dropping of gift hints. (****Clothes, Purses, Earrings, Make-up, Adoration, wine, and a parade in my honor****) Sorry i am such a vain creature and need the gratification of cool stuff. Oh wait all you guys are the same way -why am I apologizing?


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